outfit: level 3 cold + how I stayed cozy at home this week.

winter outfit everlane apc puffer

I wore this outfit to walk my dog in Central Park today.  It’s actually an outfit that I’ve had on repeat for quite a while, except now with crepe sole ankle boots, gloves, a winter puffer and a beanie. With these ankle boots I’ve been able to convert my cropped trousers into something wearable in the winter.  I layer them over Uniqlo heat tech leggings and long wool socks.

It’s level 3 cold here in NYC.  My BF and I have 3 levels of cold based on the 3 types of coats we have.  It’s dipped into the 20’s this week.  Today I noticed the lake at the park had frozen over.  I snapped this picture of a crack on the surface where a big turtle poked his head out of the water.

frozen lake freddy.png

This week, I tried to stay as cozy as possible at home by lighting this Fasier Fir candle, which makes my entire apartment smell like a Christmas tree.  It was coincidentally ranked by refinery29 as one of the best holiday candles.  I’ve also been running “slow TV” on netflix in the background– it’s oddly satisfying to watch wood burn in the fireplace for 6 straight hours;  they even have an 8-hour video of a group of Norwegian women knitting a wool sweater from scratch.  And when I had a few friends over for a pre-holiday party, we sipped on this warm buttered bourbon cider, which everyone agreed, was amaze (I altered it a bit by using only a tiny sliver of butter per serving and it was still very good).

When it gets brutally cold out, it’s also time to step up the self care.  Hope you guys are taking it easy this holiday season.  Would love to know how you’re staying cozy and warm this winter.

[outfit:  everlane long puffer (from last year), *everlane wool cashmere turtleneck sweater, *madewell straight chino, apc armelle ankle boots; *=pre-owned]