How my budget and the bitter cold makes getting dressed for work difficult.

I noticed myself feeling very frustrated with my wardrobe this morning.  It was really cold (the “feels like” temperature was 14 degrees F).  I looked at all my pants, and didn’t want to wear a single one of them because they all require that I layer them over my winter leggings to stay warm.  On my commute I’m walking a good 15 minutes, plus I have to wait at the train station, so staying warm is imperative.  And sometimes the trains get stuck and I’m forced to get out and wait on the open air platform for long periods of time.  Adding an extra layer of pants is a big chore because that extra layer makes my pants feel snug around my problem area belly and when I’m finally in my tiny office at work, I begin to overheat.  The heater is blasting at work and the engineering department can’t seem to get it right.  It is literally 80 degrees in my office!  There were times where I closed the door and took off a layer of pants to cool off, but keeping the door closed traps the heat in more.  It’s hellish.  Wearing my winter leggings without pants over top keeps me warm enough when outside, but that means I have to wear it with a work appropriate dress to cover my ass, and right now, I only have one dress.  It’s a sweater dress (which would cause me to overheat even more, so not an option!).  So today I got desperate and dipped into my pile of unwanted for-sale items for a pre-owned Eileen Fisher jersey dress with a boat neckline.  I’ve never really liked this dress and that’s why I want to sell it.  It’s faded and the A line feels very boring and mainstream.  And when I wear it with my tights, I have no pockets.  Anyway, I felt myself wishing for just one or two simple work appropriate dresses.  But of course I’m conflicted because I’m on a budget and don’t want to buy any more clothes, and since this is my last year in NYC I’m not sure it’s worth investing in more clothes for the cold (it’s counter-intuitive but dresses are better for the cold in the F-ing winter here).  Should I just try to ride it out and save $ or stop the madness and buy a damn dress already? Back when I said I didn’t want to buy anything, the weather was in the 40’s and I could get away with just wearing pants.  Times like these, I really resent NYC.  If the weather was nice, if I had more disposable income, if I didn’t have to walk in the bitter cold, if my work had better facilities, I wouldn’t have to buy all this shit to adapt to the harsh environment, and if I did, I wouldn’t feel so conflicted about it.  I think I might just tough it out though and wear this ugly dress for a few more weeks until it’s level 2 cold again.

outfit: for a 20 minute power walk in level 5 cold (+ my winter base layer)

winter cold outfit apc armelle boot 2017-12-29 at 12.39.09 AM

Here’s a quick outfit post.  It was 14 degrees today! 😬  I took a couple days off of work to focus on writing a research paper.  It’s tedious stuff, so I’m glad to take a little break to snap this OOTD photo. This is right before a power walk with my dog Freddy in the park.   I’m wearing my dad’s old Gap sweater that’s probably 15 years old.  He never wore it because it was too big for him (my dad is a very slender man).  He gladly passed the sweater along to me.  It’s still in perfect condition. Continue reading “outfit: for a 20 minute power walk in level 5 cold (+ my winter base layer)”