when vintage is better than new

[vintage bags from top right 1, 9. Coach; 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8. Dooney & Bourke; 7. Prada clutch]

When it comes to big name designer bags, vintage is better than new.  

As you might know, I’m trying to buy less leather and buy leather secondhand when I can.  I was in need of a small crossbody bag to carry my giant phone and pager while at work, searched for one at Poshmark, and was just blown away–99.99% deserve a big thumbs down 👎🏼 .  There were a few quality bags in the mix — all vintage .  It turns out the internet is full of affordable vintage designer bags in excellent condition and most are made in America and go for under $100.  I’ve included some of my favorites above.  Dooney & Bourke and Coach were the most common bags on sale.  Of course, I ended up purchasing the tiny minimalist black crossbody that’s just barely big enough to hold my iPhone 6+ (top right).  I like the ultra thin strap, sleek design and low profile side pocket where I can store my notes. Continue reading →

my shop is now open


I’m happy to announce that finally my charitable secondhand shop is open (<–see sidebar!).  I decided to give all the shop’s proceeds to Safe Horizon, an agency that helps victims of domestic violence (mostly women and children). A few of my patients have been helped greatly by this agency already, so I wanted to give back.  Anyway, go check it out.  I started off by selling a few of my beloved shoes, and will add more things in the future.

update:  to simplify the buying process, I posted all the eBay links for each item.

image:  rachel comey mars booties (for sale!)