Why I stopped wearing patterns


As I pruned my wardrobe down to the clothes I wore most often and then reflected on why I wore some things more than others, I realized I had gotten rid of almost all my clothes with patterns.  Patterns are exciting when first purchased but after a few wears, I tend to get sick of looking at them.  And because they stand out in people’s memory, I feel that I can’t wear the same patterned clothing over and over again.

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outfit: work pants

elizabeth suzann

Thought I should post another outfit with the Elizabeth Suzann work pants that I got for my birthday.  These pants have really turned out to be a good investment.  The pockets are huge without giving you a (tacky) cargo pants type of look.  And they seem to go well with everything in my wardrobe.  My only complaint is that pet hair tends to stick to the fabric but that’s not a big deal for me.  The top is from TradeMark, a minimalist label with excellent craftsmanship.  I was drawn to the socialist vibe of this shirt and its understated pale yellow color, to add just a little warmth to my otherwise grayscale wardrobe. Continue reading “outfit: work pants”

outfit: slow pants

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.49.42 PM

The blogger at StyleBee introduced me to these amazing Elizabeth Suzannwork pants” that I asked for on my birthday.  These pants are really great!  I’m so glad they fit well because the process was truly slow.  Each pair of pants are made to order by hand in the USA.  Mine took 8 weeks for them to sew up and ship.  It came with a handwritten letter and wrapped in the most beautiful marble wrapping paper I’ve ever seen.  All seams on these pants are sewn with intent to last a lifetime and the fabrics are selected to get better with age.  I love that it is high waisted enough to wear with crop tops but fitted enough to drape longer shirts over the belly area.   Continue reading “outfit: slow pants”

wardrobe radar


wardrobe radar 2-16

Here are a few things on my radar lately–

  1. fortnight lingerie – durable handcrafted lingerie from canada; I especially like their luna longline bra in black; the label is all for abandoning the mainstream padded pushup bra trend [video] – I’m totally with them on that!
  2. creatures of comfort saddle bag – a nice alternative to carrying the usual oversized leather tote; love the minimalist design and that it retains its structure and has compartments; adjustable cross body straps are major pros here too; this investment will have to wait though.
  3. elizabeth suzann clyde work pants in cotton twill – if you’ve been following, you know I’m a sucker for socialist fashion ✊🏼. These could be great go to everyday work pants.  The label is handcrafted made to order locally in Nashville and per their vision statement, the label was born out of a dislike for excess and desire for quality… every item is made to last a long time and suitable for machine washing.  Great investment if you’re headed down the slow fashion route.
  4. rachel comey mars boot – I’ve been considering this boot for a long time and after the NYC snowpocalypse damaged my 2 year old petty boots beyond repair, I think it’s time to lay the old to rest and make room for this new classic boot.  I recently visited RC’s beautiful crosby st boutique to try them on, and can say definitely size up by a half size, and don’t worry about waiting on this one, they will return every season.

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