considered living: 5 best foods to cook minimally

cauliflour florets

Between all the seamless orders, cafeteria food at work, and eating out, it’s refreshing to get regular doses of good ol’ wholesome food that is barely transformed by the cooking process.  I’m talking about simply roasting fresh produce or meat with evoo, sea salt and freshly ground pepper in a high temperature oven to get tasty charred edges while preserving the food’s structural integrity and nutritional value.  My 5 favorite things to cook this way are:

  1. whole fresh okra
  2. cauliflower florets
  3. broccoli florets
  4. portobello mushrooms
  5. high quality fresh salmon steaks

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considered living: 2 good reads

good reads

These past few weeks have been a whirlwind of traveling and a whole lot of partying.  It sure is nice to finally be home and get back to my normal routine again.  Yesterday I felt inspired to finally get rid of 4 bags of old clothes that were just taking up space in my closet.  In these bags were 5 brand new shirts/dresses with the tags still on them, as I put them in the donation bag, I just kept asking myself “seriously, what was I thinking?!”.  I’ve come a long way from my old shopping habits though, I no longer buy things simply for cheap thrills and because it looks uber cute in that moment.  I’m more thoughtful now and really have to be convinced that I will wear something over and over before I commit.  Proud to say that my last 5 purchases have been on heavy rotation.  So, if you need help getting rid of all that junk too, check out these instructions from  Another life issue I’ve been struggling with is how to invest my time in doing only things I truly enjoy.  With so little time in my schedule, I can feel pretty overwhelmed by invitations from friends.  Sometimes I feel guilty and feel like a broken record that says “no, no, no” over and over again.  But one of my mentors at work once told me “you are the only one who can protect your time.”  And he was right.  I needed to read this article on how to protect your time to rationalize my guilt away.  Now looking forward to a more productive month ahead, cheers!