outfit: functionality


I’m having a hard time deciding whether to keep this NF ski jacket or not.  I bought it about 6 years ago at the REI store for a ski trip.  Used it once.  Later I zipped off the outer shell and used the interior quilted jacket as a lightweight jacket for medium cold days.  The outer shell has been stored under my bed, unworn, for years.   I rediscovered it when I was cleaning under the bed.  I took these pictures with the intention to sell this jacket, but now I’m starting to feel attached to it.  All its little details– vents, hooks, hidden pockets, detachable hood– would make it great for cold weather hiking trips upstate.  This is the only non-neutral color in my wardrobe and my perfectionist mind is like: get rid of it! it doesn’t fit in!  But I think the loud color actually works well for the occasions this would be worn (even if that’s rare).  On the other hand,  it is kind of ugly and I’m not a fan of wearing big logos.  And the reality is I rarely go hiking and it seems silly to keep this for those rare occasions. There’s a tan colored Patagonia jacket, I bought at a rock bottom price secondhand, coming in the mail soon.  I bought it for ordinary rainy spring days in the city.  I needed a small rainproof jacket for mild temperatures.   I don’t like carrying around umbrellas because in New York they often work against you.  If the tan jacket can replace this and look better, I will put this pink monstrosity up for sale. Continue reading “outfit: functionality”

wardrobe: the classic wedge sandal continued

title kork ease 2015-06-16 at 11.13.23 PM

The classic wedge sandal has won itself a solid place in my foundational wardrobe.  They are a perfect balance between comfort and style.  I was curious to see how other girls were wearing their Kork-Ease/APC sandals around the web, so I google imaged it and found a ton of really cute outfits.  I noticed there were sort of two schools of thought.  There were the vintage-retro from-head-to-toe girls who rocked these sandals with big A-line skirts, scarves, and dolled up hair — which I thought was cute but really not my style, and kind of gimmicky in my opinion.  And then there were the girls who paired their sandals with modern casual pieces, who look really chic.  I especially like how some girls borrowed elements from menswear, ie. trousers and t-shirts.

Here are some of my favorite outfits:  Continue reading “wardrobe: the classic wedge sandal continued”