outfit: ’tis the season for socks and sandals


Fall is upon us people! ¬†Every fall, I¬†desperately¬†look¬†for ways to keep wearing sandals long after every sane person in New York has ¬†transitioned to boots. ¬†Last year I got some judgmental¬†looks and¬†overheard¬†New Yorkers outright¬†teasing¬†me for wearing wool¬†socks with Birkenstocks in public (sometimes I just don’t care how I look ok).

This year,¬†I decided¬†to fem it up a little bit with cutesy socks (maybe that will be¬†more socially acceptable?).¬†I think girly seasonal socks¬† look great peeking out of ankle booties or with 70’s style wedge sandals,¬†with an otherwise simple¬†outfit.

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outfit: a slightly different white T-shirt


Sometimes I get teased for looking like Steve Jobs. ¬†It’s an insult, but I do think I pull off the mock neck look better than he does. ¬†I like this Everlane high crew tee for its high neckline.¬† It adds something just a little interesting to an otherwise uber conventional wardrobe item. ¬†The hem on the bottom¬†is bonded and gives the shirt a structured A-line shape. ¬†I think these shapes look particularly good on girls with smaller busts or when wearing a sports bra. ¬†Anyway, I’ve been wearing these all the time. ¬†It’s currently sold out but I bet they will bring it back soon.

[outfit:  Everlane high crew tee, old Zara utility shorts, Chaco classic sandal, Cluse watch]

outfit: slow pants

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 12.49.42 PM

The blogger at StyleBee¬†introduced me to these amazing Elizabeth Suzannwork pants” that I asked for on my birthday. ¬†These pants are really great! ¬†I’m so glad they fit well because the process was truly slow. ¬†Each pair of pants are made to order by hand in the USA. ¬†Mine took 8 weeks for them to sew up and ship. ¬†It came with a handwritten letter and wrapped in the most beautiful marble wrapping paper I’ve ever seen. ¬†All seams on these pants are sewn with intent to last a lifetime and the fabrics are selected to get better with age. ¬†I love that it is high waisted enough to wear with crop tops but fitted enough to drape longer shirts over the belly area. ¬† Continue reading “outfit: slow pants”

outfit: athleisure

2221 new balance 999 everlane street

This has become my go to outfit for walks in the park. ¬†Everlane came out with these cozy structured ‘street fleece pants’ ¬†made of soft jersey neoprene fabric with ankle zips and 3 big pockets. ¬†I’m wearing size small. ¬†The elastic waist band is very generous; I could probably gain 20 lbs and still fit into these! ¬†(Just thinkin ahead.) ¬†Would highly recommend these if you’re looking for an alternative to leggings but don’t like the look of traditional sweat pants.

I also love these new balance 999 elite edition shoes! ¬† The 500 and 600 series shoes seem to be more popular, but as my BF pointed out, they are too ‘pretty’ and didn’t feel like ‘real’ athletic shoes. ¬†Instead, I needed an ugly hard working shoe, but new balance can get really really ugly as you get into the 700-1000 series. ¬†Except for the 999s, which is the perfect balance between comfort and style, I think. Continue reading “outfit: athleisure”

outfit: the breton crop

breton stripe top cluse watch

This cotton wool blend breton top from Cos shrunk a bit when it accidentally ended up in¬†the dryer. ¬†Now it makes the perfect crop to wear with high waisted anything. ¬†What a surprise. ¬†I haven’t seen any breton crops, especially ones with tomboy drop shoulders out there. I’m loving this simple twist to a modern classic.

[outfit:  Cos breton cotton/wool top, Zara utility shorts, Cluse watch, gifted Swarovski friendship necklace]

outfit: simple safari

simple safari close up outfit

outfit incognito.

A minimalist wardrobe does not necessarily need a minimalist aesthetic but should simply be versatile and practical enough to be worn often and in many different ways so that overall you get more out of less. ¬†Natural patterns and practical features like large pockets and lose tomboy fit make this one a keeper for me. ¬†This is what I wore to last year’s music festival season. Continue reading “outfit: simple safari”