outfit: matchy matchy


Today I’m wearing a replacement for my old Zara utility shorts that went into retirement after it burst open at the butt.  This is a very similar pair of shorts with a few upgrades:  back pockets and front pockets that look like back pockets, a beautiful metallic button, a modest length, and structured denim that keeps its shape.  I loved my old shorts but one downside was how it got baggy and lost its shape by the end of the day.  Faded olive greens fit right in with my wardrobe; they pair well with oatmeal and other neutrals.   Continue reading “outfit: matchy matchy”

outfit: hardworking basics

just female gray sweater apc half moon bag.png

Here’s another outfit with my hardworking staples.  Getting dressed feels so much easier these days.  I wore this casual outfit to work, except for the sandals.  I’m liking sweaters with extra long arms that can be folded or used to keep the hands warm.  These trousers from j. crew have been going strong for 5 years now.  They are a size 2!  I think I’m actually a size 6, for reference.  If I ever need to replace them I’m going to search for it secondhand.  Quality mainstream clothes make good secondhand purchases because they are easy to find and you know what to expect.   Continue reading “outfit: hardworking basics”

outfit: texture tank in cream

everlane cos michael cors white outfit 1

Filled a big hole in my wardrobe today.  Can you believe I have never owned a basic white tank?!  Here I’m wearing Everlane’s new texture tank in cream (size XS).  There are subtle things about this tank that make it worthy of a spot in our essentials wardrobe.  The fabric is thick and completely opaque, but still very breathable.  I can wear a dark colored bra without it showing.  The straps are spaced perfectly apart to cover any standard bra straps (no need to wear your racerback bra with this).  The cut is also slightly A-line, which let’s air flow to keep you cool, adding to the overall relaxed aesthetic of this outfit.  It’s also super affordable at only $25, and it happens to be made in the USA, specifically in Los Angeles (woot! my hometown).  In conclusion this tank is just perfect and I know I will be wearing this over and over for a long time.  Here’s a view of the side and a close-up….

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outfit: better with age

crop top zara shorts kork ease

Here I’m wearing one of my favorite shirts, a crop top from H&M circa 2007.  It’s got black square metal studs all over that has beautifully aged and chipped in all sorts of random places revealing speckles of silver underneath.

[outfit: H&M crop top circa 2007, Zara military shorts, generic gifted tote, Kork Ease Myrna classic wedges]

outfit: brown nostalgia II

everlane sweater heather ash corduroy skirt kork ease

Again, here’s my throwback AE corduroy skirt from high school circa 1999.  Love the buttoned back pockets and minor details of this skirt like the lavender lining along the zipper that peeps out sometimes.  To keep it grown up I paired it with this modest classic cotton sweater from Everlane.  Maybe this is boring, but I for one like seeing bloggers wear the same items in different ways; it helps me understand how their style works for them. Continue reading “outfit: brown nostalgia II”

outfit:  salt of the earth

sienna pants

There is something so naturally beautiful about solid basic earth tones in womenswear.  These colors draw from pigments found naturally in the earth’s foundation- umber, sienna, ochre, and greys -in all shades.  When I was decluttering my wardrobe, the clothes that got sorted into the donation pile were there because they hadn’t been worn in over a year.  It was a pile full of loud synthetic colors, reds, fluorescence, and neons, which by themselves are pretty but I don’t think they speak to my sensibilities enough to get worn often, a realization that will hopefully inform my wardrobe planning and help me reduce wasteful spending in the future.  Here I’m wearing one of my foundational pieces:  sienna colored skinnies from Madewell. Continue reading “outfit:  salt of the earth”

outfit: simple safari v2.0

safari outfit 2

Last weekend, I spent a lot of time outdoors in this outfit.  It’s version 2 of my ‘safari’ outfit (the original you can see here).  The tribal pattern in this French Connection shirt is sort of fun (it has a fancy gold zipper on the back).  Also want to mention that it’s been a couple weeks since I received these classic wedge sandals from kork ease and I’ve been so happy with this purchase.  After standing/walking in them all day for 3 days at a recent music festival, I can truly attest to their comfort.  If my Birks are a 10 in comfort level, this is an 8, and probably tennis shoes would fall somewhere in between.  I wonder if Kork Ease realizes that APC has essentially ripped off their original design? …hm.  This APC half moon bag was perfectly made for a safari too, it was  actually designed to accommodate the width of a Poland Spring water bottle which is really paying off in this summer heat!

[oufit: French Connection print top, Zara utility shorts, Kork Ease Myrna sandals, APC half moon bag, Madewell oversize hepcat sunglasses]

outfit: breton stripes + chinos

breton and chinos

I set out to the new Cos store in soho to fill a few holes in my essentials wardrobe, a breton stripe top and classic chinos. Here I’m wearing a lose fit 3/4 length cotton/wool breton top with dropped shoulders, tucked into the front of straight leg 100% cotton chinos, that sit nice and high on the waist.  Nothing groundbreaking here.  But it is exciting to start building a solid wardrobe foundation.

[outfit:  Cos breton top, Cos straight leg cotton chinos, Kork Ease myrna sandals]

Here are some more breton + chino outfits for some inspiration: Continue reading “outfit: breton stripes + chinos”

outfit: classic cotton sweater

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 6.56.43 PM


My first purchase from Everlane is this cotton sweater in heather ash.  I can see it becoming a staple in my wardrobe that I reach to again and again especially on those semi-cold spring days like today.  It’s good quality, easy, and effortless. I’m also wearing the Kork Ease classic wedge sandal, which ended up being a really great purchase. They are super flattering and even more comfortable than any of my flats.  They do run a bit narrow and short in length, so I’d recommend going a half size up. Continue reading “outfit: classic cotton sweater”

outfit: army green is a neutral


Every year since 2010, army green jackets and parkas has been on trend during the cooler days of spring and fall here in New York.  Military style is utilitarian, urban, cool, and I’m a fan.  In this outfit, I’m wearing 3 different shades of army green.  Yes, it is green on green on green, but it works because did you know army green is a neutral color?   Continue reading “outfit: army green is a neutral”