outfit: never worn

cuyana turtleneck | eileen fisher dress | fake gold chain from Target | naturalizer flats

I’ve never actually worn this outfit in real life. About one year ago, I tried on this Eileen Fisher jumper dress when it was full price (>200 bucks), bought it, brought it home, and decided it wasn’t a good idea, and returned it the next day. Three months passed, and I found the same dress on sale for less than $100 on the internet and bought it, satisfied that I snagged a good deal. I quickly realized that I didn’t have any good tops for this jumper. It didn’t look right over my usual crew neck long sleeves. For some reason, it only seemed to look right with turtlenecks. I have a couple white mock neck tops, but the white was too stark of a contrast against the navy.

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A few links (The Ordinary skincare, Barre3, and a music video).

dr it girl links eucalyptus vase.JPG

The winter has dried out my skin and lips a lot.  While at work, I got so desperate for relief, I ended up taking a tube of moisturizer from the supply room at the hospital.  Surprisingly, it was hands down one of the most effective moisturizers I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a lot.  The other night, I wondered out loud to the BF why there weren’t more highly effective beauty products without all the gimmicky marketing features that drive up costs but add no real value.  Why aren’t there more products like the ones you can find at the hospital? Continue reading “A few links (The Ordinary skincare, Barre3, and a music video).”

outfit: level 2 cold + vitamin D

Thank God it’s Friday!

I finished work early today and snapped this pic while I was waiting at the subway station. There was still sunlight out for once. Usually by the time I emerge from the confines of work it’s already dark out. I got my vitamin D level checked and of course it’s low! So now I’m supplementing with New Chapters bone strength slim tabs. They’re plant based, have a neutral pleasant taste, and also provide calcium, magnesium, and vitamin K. These are things many people seem to be deficient in even with healthy diets. I’m not a believer in multivitamin supplements (for most people) and generally think people are taking too much, especially vitamin C. You drink a cup of OJ and boom you have enough vitamin C for days. No need to take additional supplements (wouldn’t want to fuel any rogue cancer cells now do we!).

Back to this outfit. This is a lot of pattern for me. Every time I wear this Billy Reid sweater dress I get compliments from men and women at work. Today I had a whole conversation about how great Billy Reid menswear is with a male co worker. And these socks are great too. I ordered a bunch of gold toe socks and like that the toe seam is raised above the toes so the seam isn’t there to rub and irritate the tips and bottoms of my toes. I’ve been really into oatmeal and brown socks lately.  It started out as level 3 cold, but went up to level 2, so I kept my puffer unzipped and still felt toasty.

I’ve been wearing these old lady work shoes from SAS almost daily. For some reason they make my feet look teeny tiny. I think it’s the raised seam work around the toes and the wide mouth opening. But damn these are ugly (I like “ugly” though). I can’t get those HOPP STUDIO shoes (manufactured by SAS) out of my mind. I’ve been thinking about them everyday since I discovered them, seriously. Thank god the boots are all sold out because I’m not sure I would have been able to resist. The oxfords are calling me though; I’ve thought about buying them to replace these shoes. But struggling with that idea as these are perfectly functional and even though I got them pre owned for $25 (retail $130), I want to stay faithful to them a bit longer.

If you’re looking for something good to listen to this weekend, every song on the new new Tennis EP We Can Die Happy, is amazing.  Think dreamy vintage 50’s pop that manages to feel relevant.  I’ve listened to it on repeat literally a hundred times this week.  The opening track “No Exit” is my favorite.  Stream it here.  And check out their new music video;  Love Alaina Moore’s hair-do and whole get-up:

OK, that’s all folks. I’m getting off the subway now. Hope y’all stay cozy this weekend. I’m sure I’ll post one more before Christmas.

[outfit:  billy reid sweater dress, elizabeth suzann clyde pants, goldtoe socks, SAS siesta shoes, everlane winter puffer (old)]