outfit: working class comfort

trade-mark clothing label four pocket top

This vintage Trade-Mark Label top was a great find at a local New Orleans consignment store.  I’ve been paying more attention to the quality of fabrics lately, and the fabric here is what got my attention first.   It is made of a hefty 100% cotton fabric.  The thickness not only means it will last a long time but also elevates the aesthetic by giving it a stiff-crisp-clean feel. This is a nice addition to a corner of my wardrobe that’s rockin’ a Mao-era socialist vibe.

[outfit:  vintage Trade-Mark four pocket shirt, Zara utility shorts, APC half moon bag, Cluse watch]

outfit: borrowed from the boys

steven alan sweater dritgirl

Here’s a little lifehack tip girls:  expand your reach by gifting your boy clothes you can wear too.  Yes it’s a little selfish but I think most boys get a kick out of seeing you (look better) in their clothes.  And even if you’re single, I’d suggest browsing the men’s section the next time you’re in a co-ed shop.  Menswear tends to be more focused and pared down, and you can often find high quality chunky oversized knit sweaters that you can’t find in the women’s section.  Here I’m wearing a Steven Alan men’s zip cardigan over a sleek shirtdress from Madewell.   Here’s a close up and the same sweater on a boy: Continue reading “outfit: borrowed from the boys”

outfit:  salt of the earth

sienna pants

There is something so naturally beautiful about solid basic earth tones in womenswear.  These colors draw from pigments found naturally in the earth’s foundation- umber, sienna, ochre, and greys -in all shades.  When I was decluttering my wardrobe, the clothes that got sorted into the donation pile were there because they hadn’t been worn in over a year.  It was a pile full of loud synthetic colors, reds, fluorescence, and neons, which by themselves are pretty but I don’t think they speak to my sensibilities enough to get worn often, a realization that will hopefully inform my wardrobe planning and help me reduce wasteful spending in the future.  Here I’m wearing one of my foundational pieces:  sienna colored skinnies from Madewell. Continue reading “outfit:  salt of the earth”

outfit: relaxed in grey

grey outfit

Sometimes it’s hard to find an outfit appropriate for work that also feels authentically you.  But this grey work outfit is so relaxed and chic, I really do feel like myself in this.  Pairing top-to-bottom grey tones with this menswear silhouette adds just the right amount of feminine softness.  Love it because it’s important to look good and feel like yourself at work too.

Here’s a close up of the trousers: Continue reading “outfit: relaxed in grey”

outfit: classic cotton sweater

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 6.56.43 PM


My first purchase from Everlane is this cotton sweater in heather ash.  I can see it becoming a staple in my wardrobe that I reach to again and again especially on those semi-cold spring days like today.  It’s good quality, easy, and effortless. I’m also wearing the Kork Ease classic wedge sandal, which ended up being a really great purchase. They are super flattering and even more comfortable than any of my flats.  They do run a bit narrow and short in length, so I’d recommend going a half size up. Continue reading “outfit: classic cotton sweater”