DIY: Framed Decorative Paper

paper presentation

After spending a couple hours in the Muji store on 19th St, I took a wrong turn and stumbled into a huge paper goods store called Paper Presentation.  To my surprise they had tons of decorative paper!  Each only costing about $5.  So on a whim, I decided to buy some to replace the ones in my living room.

wall art before

I drew inspiration from the Japanese natural minimalist designs in Muji, so chose somewhat muted organic patterns.

decorative papers

I cut the lattice bamboo paper in half and layered it on top of the Jackson Pollack esque paint splattered pattern.  Chose black and white versions of the same pattern to have some contrast and continuity.  Cut the edges wobbly and layered it slightly off center, for  a more organic aesthetic.

wall art after

wall art after close up