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eucalyptus and carnations

  1.  I love this new song from Men I Trust and love the je ne sais quoi of the woman in their new music video.  That black mock neck and those wide leg jeans!  The lyrics are also really amazing.  “I dream about my future, remote from time bounds, becoming myself without any end”  … wow.   Lots of buddhist undertones.
  2. I updated my blog roll and think you should check out Ethel Grace, brand new personal style blog by Talia with old school OOTD posts and tasteful mirror selfies.
  3. I’ve made this authentic Chinese chicken recipe many times from Mark Bittman of the NY Times.  It’s one of my favorite.  You will never eat chicken more tender than this.  And you might never cook chicken the same way again after you try this method.  I usually use two large chicken breasts with bone in and leave out the cucumber and tomato garnish.  If pressed for time, you can also just use plain white rice instead of cooking it with broth like the recipe calls for.

[photo:  eucalyptus and red carnations in my living room]

considered living: 2 good reads

good reads

There are so many inspiring bloggers out there writing about their experience living a simpler and fuller life.  So many are writing about minimalism, it’s even being called ‘trendy’, with some people subscribing to it like dogma, but for me it doesn’t strictly define my lifestyle.  In fact, it is something I rarely talk about in my personal life and if you knew me, you wouldn’t ever label me a minimalist.  My life is pretty ordinary, I still have a lot of junk in my apartment and still buy new things that I don’t need.  For me, minimalism is a pursuit, a process, and a guiding light.  And it’s about finding a balance that is still practical and realistic.  Since embracing minimalism, I find myself worrying about obtaining objects less, only investing in things I love, and feeling satisfied with what I already have.

Here are some inspiring reads by 2 minimalist boys from around the blogosphere:

becoming minimalist – He is able to articulate what’s so inspiring about minimalism beautifully and recommends some good reads every week on this recurring post.

zen habits – Also very beautifully written.  He writes about the “anti-bucket list”, on being more thoughtful about our life goals and feeling satisfied in doing less.