outfit: 1 shirt, 3 pants

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My PM order, with the Lauren Manoogian ribbed tee and Black Crane cream corduroy carpenter pants, was waiting for me at the doorstep when I got home from work today.  Here I am playing a little dress up in my bedroom, wearing the ribbed tee with 3 different navy pants.   There was a big ribbed tee hole in my wardrobe until now.  I thought I hated ribbed tees because they always seemed to accentuate my problem belly area, but when I discovered the Une Heures ribbed tees, that 70’s tomboy nostalgia took a hold of me and I had to have one!  I window shopped a lot for a good ribbed tee. There are a lot of versions out there, but the perfect one was hard to find; there was always a little detail or embellishment that ruined them, ie. the space between ribs was too wide or the fit was too clingy.

This LM tee is perfectly subtle.  The cotton-cashmere blend is extremely tender and soft, and can be stretched carefully to customize the fit to  your body.  It’s thin but not transparent and drapes nicely over bumps on my torso.  The ribbing is as thin as it gets so there’s no unsightly uneven gaping of the ribbing over more flabby areas.  I also really love how the edges are semi raw so there’s a delicate wave at the sleeve and shirt bottom, but you really have to look up close to notice such a thing.  The neck band is thin and sewn beautifully inside and out.  As much as I love it though, I’m not sure I’d be willing to pay full price for it and feel very lucky to have found it secondhand.

In other news, I have a mild case of the flu.  There’s a nasty flu outbreak nationwide.  NYC is especially hard hit and it’s peaked this week.  Last week the BF was sick for 7 days straight.  He had all the symptoms including: nasal congestion, sore throat, headache, fatigue, fever and chills, and even had a weird sounding barking cough. It took about 5 days after he started coughing to when I started showing symptoms.  Because I got the flu vaccine and he didn’t, my symptoms are much less severe.  For now it’s just a lot of nasal congestion and fatigue.  On the first day of my symptoms I had to take 3 breaks during a 30 minute Barre3 work out because I became short of breath and felt lightheaded.  It’s kind of crazy how the flu was able to quickly and dramatically lower my exercise tolerance.  For the rest of the week, I’m going to take a break from working out. My first B&BW 3-wick scented candle shipment arrived today too, but my nose is so congested, I can’t smell anything!

[outfit:  *lauren manoogian cotton cashmere rib tee in size 2; *trademark straight jeans (self cut raw edge); black crane navy carpenter pants, lemaire twist pants, SAS relax sandals, arizona birkenstocks; *=pre-owned]