wardrobe: the classic wedge sandal continued

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The classic wedge sandal has won itself a solid place in my foundational wardrobe.  They are a perfect balance between comfort and style.  I was curious to see how other girls were wearing their Kork-Ease/APC sandals around the web, so I google imaged it and found a ton of really cute outfits.  I noticed there were sort of two schools of thought.  There were the vintage-retro from-head-to-toe girls who rocked these sandals with big A-line skirts, scarves, and dolled up hair — which I thought was cute but really not my style, and kind of gimmicky in my opinion.  And then there were the girls who paired their sandals with modern casual pieces, who look really chic.  I especially like how some girls borrowed elements from menswear, ie. trousers and t-shirts.

Here are some of my favorite outfits:  Continue reading “wardrobe: the classic wedge sandal continued”

outfit: classic cotton sweater

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My first purchase from Everlane is this cotton sweater in heather ash.  I can see it becoming a staple in my wardrobe that I reach to again and again especially on those semi-cold spring days like today.  It’s good quality, easy, and effortless. I’m also wearing the Kork Ease classic wedge sandal, which ended up being a really great purchase. They are super flattering and even more comfortable than any of my flats.  They do run a bit narrow and short in length, so I’d recommend going a half size up. Continue reading “outfit: classic cotton sweater”