outfit: for re-arranging furniture

SAS relax sandal

My board exam is in 9 days (*gulp*).  It’s been crazy busy for me.  On my study break today, I decided to move some furniture around (this is what I consider fun).  We didn’t have a sofa for a while after the bedbug nightmare and it was actually kinda nice having an almost empty living room. I enjoyed the echo and the ease of cleaning the floors, but eventually I felt we needed to get back to being “normal people” again and bought a much smaller midcentury modern sofa and Herman Miller style lounge chair with a matching coffee table.  It’s insane how cheap Herman Miller knock offs are online.  We got a new sofa, lounge chair, coffee table, and small dining table for under $600!  (I’m sure the manufacturing process is majorly unethical in some way, but there really aren’t that many affordable options).   Continue reading “outfit: for re-arranging furniture”

good read: apartment living

Not so much a read, but I had a great time watching these short videos on apartment therapy, in a series they call the A-line.  They take us on a tour of two apartments with identical floorplans that are designed differently according to the owners unique style and needs.  Really fun.  There are some great ideas here.  It’s exciting to see how other New Yorkers rise up to the challenge of living in little spaces (we’re not alone!).  My favorite video takes place in a tiny brooklyn loft where two young couples are trying to carve out livable spaces for their growing families:

Also worth checking out is AT’s recent post on how to simplify your style at home.