outfit: level 3 cold + how I stayed cozy at home this week.

winter outfit everlane apc puffer

I wore this outfit to walk my dog in Central Park today.  It’s actually an outfit that I’ve had on repeat for quite a while, except now with crepe sole ankle boots, gloves, a winter puffer and a beanie. With these ankle boots I’ve been able to convert my cropped trousers into something wearable in the winter.  I layer them over Uniqlo heat tech leggings and long wool socks.

It’s level 3 cold here in NYC.  My BF and I have 3 levels of cold based on the 3 types of coats we have.  It’s dipped into the 20’s this week.  Today I noticed the lake at the park had frozen over.  I snapped this picture of a crack on the surface where a big turtle poked his head out of the water.

frozen lake freddy.png

This week, I tried to stay as cozy as possible at home by lighting this Fasier Fir candle, which makes my entire apartment smell like a Christmas tree.  It was coincidentally ranked by refinery29 as one of the best holiday candles.  I’ve also been running “slow TV” on netflix in the background– it’s oddly satisfying to watch wood burn in the fireplace for 6 straight hours;  they even have an 8-hour video of a group of Norwegian women knitting a wool sweater from scratch.  And when I had a few friends over for a pre-holiday party, we sipped on this warm buttered bourbon cider, which everyone agreed, was amaze (I altered it a bit by using only a tiny sliver of butter per serving and it was still very good).

When it gets brutally cold out, it’s also time to step up the self care.  Hope you guys are taking it easy this holiday season.  Would love to know how you’re staying cozy and warm this winter.

[outfit:  everlane long puffer (from last year), *everlane wool cashmere turtleneck sweater, *madewell straight chino, apc armelle ankle boots; *=pre-owned]

Some things on my radar + thoughts about “shopping”.


I keep a running list of things that peak my interest in a folder on my google chrome browser. Thought I’d share them with you here.

You might recall how much I talked about my ugly but comfortable SAS shoes? Well I just read about SAS making a line of minimalist comfort shoes, called HOPP, from the former Opening Ceremony designer, that are actually not ugly. The mules and boots look amaze and are supposed to be very comfortable.  I’m not in the market for new shoes right now but when I am, these will be top on my list. Continue reading “Some things on my radar + thoughts about “shopping”.”

mega post: Everlane’s first permanent IRL store + every anti-trend aesthetic + what I’m currently doing/eating/wearing.

line outside everlane store NYC

Just look at this massive line outside the first ever permanent Everlane store in NYC!  It filled a whole city block.  I really wanted to go inside but someone in the front of the line told me she waited 45 minutes.  I don’t have the patience for that!  I’ll try coming back when it’s less crazy and report back to you guys.

I went down a rabbit hole reading about anti-trend aesthetics yesterday.  It felt like I was reading a manifesto in some ways.  I think a lot of blogs (like mine) are talking more about “basics”, “classics”, and “essentials” but when you take a closer look there are subgenres within that with slightly different ethos and functionality.  Continue reading “mega post: Everlane’s first permanent IRL store + every anti-trend aesthetic + what I’m currently doing/eating/wearing.”

outfit: a summer classic + sunscreen

organic john patrick 2017-07-04 at 11.41.44 AM

TGIF of July!  Anyone else desperately needed a day off?

Quick update:  we didn’t end up moving to Brooklyn after all.  Couldn’t quite swallow paying more for half of our current square footage.  Rent is insane.

But, back to getting dressed:

My summer outfits have been a snap to put together this year.  It’s the first time ever.  I think the secret was making that initial investment in linen tops, shorts, and sandals in the spring time–all within a neutral color palette to make them easy to mix and match.   Continue reading “outfit: a summer classic + sunscreen”

closet update: more linen, Organic by John Patrick, and soft footbed Birks

The past couple of weeks have been way too busy over here (big changes at work and a possible relocation to Brooklyn is in the works!)… But now I’m back and have a few closet updates to share.

The picture above shows all the tops I wore this past week.  Notice the 3 linen tops?  They’re all secondhand EF shell tops, slightly cropped.  They feel very airy without the frumpy factor seen with EF’s longer tunic-y tops.  I love the way linen bounces back after each wash.  It doesn’t shrink.  It contracts.   Continue reading “closet update: more linen, Organic by John Patrick, and soft footbed Birks”

outfit: 32, form sandals, and a tiny bag

what's the time vintage coach

I turned 32 this past weekend.  Aging sucks for many reasons, but one thing I do like about getting older, besides more wisdom and all that deep meaningful stuff that comes along with it, is actually how my wardrobe (and those of you I follow) has grown up too, in a way that’s more aware than any other generation before ours.  I used to think it was cool to dress in a way that was edgy and different.  Now, I really don’t care about that as a virtue.  And I’m much more focused on what makes me feel good even if that means I’m wearing the same thing everyone else is wearing.   Continue reading “outfit: 32, form sandals, and a tiny bag”

outfit: oatmeal again

outfit everlane_4551

Here I am in oatmeal again.  I have two pairs of shorts now and have been wearing this 2nd pair almost daily.  They’re from Everlane; for reference they are a size 4 (they run big and fit more like a size 6).  I like the high smooth waistline and oversized leg opening.  They feel like an updated pair of “mom” shorts (I’m not a mom but sometimes I like to look like one).  The pockets are deep and can hold my iPhone 6+.  With certain tops, I like to fold the hem up; they stay put and the pockets do not show when rolled up. Continue reading “outfit: oatmeal again”