outfit: on repeat


On repeat, here again, I’m wearing the same wool-cashmere turtleneck over Clyde pants.  I wore this outfit to pick up some tacos for lunch.  There was no need to carry a bag; my wallet, phone, and keys fit easily in these big pockets.  It was a nice walk today; the streets were bustling with lots of smiling faces; the Cuban guys were out singing & playing bongo drums at the street corner again–always a welcomed sign winter is over, like the town troubadour in Gilmore girls, except with open bottles of tequila and more rhythm. Continue reading →

a brutal clean-out + an Everlane dud

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 6.56.27 PM

My closet saw several more senior members go into retirement this week.  Just when I thought I had whittled  it down to the bare minimum, stylish drunk friends tell you that a few ugly pieces has got to go (love that!).  To be honest, I hated these things.  They lingered because I actually wore them to death.  I’m talking 5, 6, 10 years of regular wear.  I’m talking so many cycles through the dryer that the once long sleeves are now 3/4 sleeves.  I’ve evolved and outgrown these things.  Also I’ve learned, I can’t do crop tops anymore.  Just can’t.  Too old.  What a relief!  Getting honest feedback about my wardrobe reaffirmed my doubts about things that were hard to let go.  And when I disagreed–that automatic reaction–reaffirmed my love for certain “ugly” things.  I’m guessing you have something “ugly” in your closet that only you like? And the only person you’re wearing it for is yourself.  That’s OK.  More than OK.  That’s great!

And speaking of ugly… anyone else see Everlane’s new modern babo shoes in green?  I’m trying hard to imagine these looking good, but I keep picturing elves.

outfit: loose-fit at work

WON HUNDREDHere’s another quick outfit post.  You can’t go wrong with black and navy; they’re perfect colors to put on repeat, and nobody will ever notice.  I’m keeping it simple here with a slouchy button up and cropped trousers.  I’ll only wear loose fitted button ups.  Never again will I wear a fitted one.

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good cause: everlane donates helmets to Vietnamese factory workers on black friday

fullsizerender-1I wasn’t going to post anything during my vacation here in Vietnam, but I couldn’t help myself when I found out Everlane has decided to donate thousands of helmets to Vietnamese factory workers on black friday.  I was so struck by how chaotic traffic is here in Hanoi and how many motorcyclists dangerously go without helmets completely or with inadequate helmets.  I took the above picture of a mother and her child during my taxi ride into Old Town Hanoi. The Vietnamese people have suffered a great deal over the last several decades and continue to struggle, especially with the worsening environmental impacts of manufacturing the clothes on our backs.  It’s suiting we find ways to give back.  I was already planning on purchasing Christmas gifts from Everlane, but I am now more encouraged to do so.  I’ve been thinking of re-purchasing their texture tank to replace my  worn down one that I bought a while back too.  I highly recommend it if you’re in need of a basic tank that is a bit elevated and flattering to any body type.

outfit: a slightly different white T-shirt


Sometimes I get teased for looking like Steve Jobs.  It’s an insult, but I do think I pull off the mock neck look better than he does.  I like this Everlane high crew tee for its high neckline.  It adds something just a little interesting to an otherwise uber conventional wardrobe item.  The hem on the bottom is bonded and gives the shirt a structured A-line shape.  I think these shapes look particularly good on girls with smaller busts or when wearing a sports bra.  Anyway, I’ve been wearing these all the time.  It’s currently sold out but I bet they will bring it back soon.

[outfit:  Everlane high crew tee, old Zara utility shorts, Chaco classic sandal, Cluse watch]

Outfit: for a walk in Central Park on a cool Sunday afternoon.


I have Sunday mornings all to myself for the next few months as my BF is off teaching a weekend class.  I used this time today to take my dog on a walk while listening to The Minimalists podcast episode on debt.  I’m pretty late to the whole podcast scene and was pleasantly surprised by their quality content.  These guys aren’t too extreme and have really mature perspectives on life based on starting from rock bottom, reaching success, and then choosing to make huge changes to their lives to bring them happiness.  They are super inspiring to listen to, I think more so than reading their blog.  After listening, I felt inspired to go on a manicure ban for the rest of the year to save some money.  Notice my bare fingernails?  I do pedicures at home because they require little effort and upkeep, so that won’t change.   Continue reading →

outfit: brown nostalgia II

everlane sweater heather ash corduroy skirt kork ease

Again, here’s my throwback AE corduroy skirt from high school circa 1999.  Love the buttoned back pockets and minor details of this skirt like the lavender lining along the zipper that peeps out sometimes.  To keep it grown up I paired it with this modest classic cotton sweater from Everlane.  Maybe this is boring, but I for one like seeing bloggers wear the same items in different ways; it helps me understand how their style works for them. Continue reading →

outfit: classic cotton sweater

Screen Shot 2015-06-04 at 6.56.43 PM


My first purchase from Everlane is this cotton sweater in heather ash.  I can see it becoming a staple in my wardrobe that I reach to again and again especially on those semi-cold spring days like today.  It’s good quality, easy, and effortless. I’m also wearing the Kork Ease classic wedge sandal, which ended up being a really great purchase. They are super flattering and even more comfortable than any of my flats.  They do run a bit narrow and short in length, so I’d recommend going a half size up. Continue reading →