outfit: comfy-core + (Everlane long puffer review)

everlane winter long puffer 2018-02-19 at 11.44.01 AM

Thank god for 3-day weekends!  I am relishing this day off.  I wasn’t sure what to wear today and decided to dig a little deeper into my closet for something I haven’t worn in a long time.  I decided on this very old long sleeve shirt from Target.  I think I’ve had it since the beginning of med school so it’s about 8 or 9? years old.  It’s front panel is made up a polyester blend and is sewn on in a quilted pattern.  To be honest it feels very cheap (and it was!), and it’s probably something I would not buy again today,  but I think it looks nice and it fills a small gap in my wardrobe repertoire, so I’ve held onto it for all these years.  You’ve probably seen me wear these Lemaire twist seam pants a few times already, but I cannot gush enough about how comfortable they feel, seriously.  These are hands down my most comfortable pair of pants.  The denim is buttery soft and the cut hugs but does not constrict in anyway.  They are expensive, but if you ever catch it on sale or find them secondhand, I would highly recommend going for it (and then tailoring them to your height because Lemaire pants tend to run very long).

What were you up to this weekend?  On Saturday we went to a matinee showing of the new PT Anderson film starring Daniel Day Lewis, The Phantom Thread.  It’s supposedly Daniel Day Lewis’s last film before he enters retirement and like most of his movies, it was really good!  Watch the trailor here.  It’s a dark unconventional love story about a master dress designer played by Day Lewis and “his muse”.  The characters are complex and the story unfolds in a refreshingly subtle manner.  Highly highly recommend.  (addendum:  The movie was really amusing to me also because Daniel Day Lewis looks strikingly similar to my psychoanalyst (I was in analysis a couple years ago).. his hair, demeanor, voice.. all of it, except for the attitude. Day Lewis’s character is anal and downright mean. My analyst on the other hand, had a kind, gentle attitude.)

everlane winter long puffer 2018-02-19 at 11.44.46 AM

In other news, I slacked a lot on work outs during the week.  Mainly because I got a keratin treatment to tame my wild hair and it required no washing for 3 days.  I really like the way my hair feels now.  It still has it’s texture and volume, but is like 50% smoother.  I went to Salon Riz in NYC because its the only salon that seemed to offer a light version of keratin treatments.  And the price ($200) seemed reasonable compared to the usual 400 dollar price tag in NYC.  To my surprise I was lucky enough to get the owner Mike to do my hair.  He’s an adorable scruffy Lebanese guy who had so much warmth and character.  The salon itself is very warm and home-like, and feels high end without any of your usual NYC pretention and snobbery.  Highly recommend that place if you are in the area.  But anyway over the weekend I started Barre3 back up again, and while balancing on one leg for one of the poses, I tweaked my left knee, and now every time there’s impact on that knee, it hurts.  I hope this isn’t the start of a bad knee.  Fingers crossed.  I’m going to focus on more upper body this week to let it heal.

OK, so back to this outfit.  Before I left the house to walk Freddy, I threw on my new replacement puffer and a pair of I-Don’t-Give-A-Fuck-socks-and-Birks.  It was warm enough today to keep the puffer open like this, which is my favorite way to wear it.

So as you may know, Everlane sent me a replacement long winter puffer after I emailed them about the button breaking apart on my old (first generation) long puffer.  The new puffer comes with a few upgrades that I’m enjoying now.  For the price, I think it’s a really good value actually, but it’s not without its flaws.  Here are all the ways the new version out performs the old puffer:

  • The hood is larger — The hood is larger and more resistant to being knocked down by wind.  There’s also an interior drawstring that can be tightened around the neck.
  • More pockets — The old version had two exterior pockets and one zip interior pocket (that got stuck often!).  The new version has 4 large exterior pockets and one buttoned interior pocket.  The pocket placement though is a bit awkward.  The side pockets are a bit too high to use as hand warmers.  The flap pockets are at a better height for hand warming but its vertical orientation and non lined interior make them not the best for hand warming.  I’m finding myself using the flap pockets for hand warming anyway because the height is right.
  • Warmer — The new version is much warmer.  I start overheating within a couple minutes of coming indoors.  Above 37 degrees outside, and I’ll have to wear it unzipped to stay at a comfortable temperature.
  • Better zipper — the newer versions have a double zipper, that can be unzipped from the bottom which allows you to create more wiggle room for your legs or reach into your pant pockets if you need to.  The old version always got caught on the loose fabric around the zipper but the new version has the fabric stitched down to avoid getting caught in the zipper.  Nonetheless, the zipper is NOT smooth going all the way and seems to get stuck on something invisible around the pocket area.  It usually unsticks with some tugging. This might be a defect that is unique to the particular coat that I received though.  I do like that the zipper is a matte black.  In my not so humble opinion, I think glossy metallic hardware on puffers can look kind of tacky, especially the kind with atrocious branding all over (*ahem, Michael Kors).
  • Puffy-er — The new version is bulkier.  I wished I had sized down to an XS for this reason.  There is an option to cinch it at the waist with an interior string, but I prefer not to.  I like a straighter silhouette.  Straight looks modern I think. And whenever I see puffer jackets with a super cinched in waist it gives me the impression that there is too much concern over appearing skinny, and that just screams of a conventional desperation for thinness, when for god’s sake, it’s a puffer, so who cares!

Puffers can be really expensive, so if you are in need of a high quality, no non-sense puffer, that is extremely warm, and don’t want to spend a lot of money, I would recommend this one.  I think for the price, it’s going to be hard to find better quality, but if you can spend more, you could probably find better options.

[outfit:  very old Target quilted long sleeve, Lemaire twist pant, Levi’s socks, Arizona Birkenstocks, Everlane long puffer]

A wallet upgrade + what I got for V-day.

square zip wallet everlane 2018-02-14 at 5.59.35 PM

I came home to an Everlane package at my doorstep today.  I used store credit to purchase the square zip wallet to replace my old unstructured leather pouch from Madewell.  Here’s a picture of what my old wallet looked like.  As you can see, the fabric on the interior is filthy.  It’s a stained a yellowish green! (your eyes are not playing tricks on you).

square zip wallet everlane 2018-02-14 at 5.58.31 PM

I emptied everything out of my old wallet and transferred them to the new wallet.  I decluttered out two credit cards (that I never used) and stored them away in a drawer.  Now there’s only one credit card in my wallet (the one with the lowest APR and best rewards points).  In addition, I’m carrying my state ID, subway card, and debit card.  I stored my health and dental insurance cards in the hidden pocket behind the coin purse.  There’s a few quarters in the coin pocket and some cash in the cash slot.  The cash slot is a bit stiff right now but maybe it will soften up with use.

square zip wallet everlane 2018-02-14 at 5.58.41 PM

As for the wallet itself, my immediate reaction when I opened the box was “wow, so pretty!”.  The silver color was less tacky than I feared it might be.  It’s very mirror-like, doesn’t really look like leather but it is?. The silver is semi matte, enough to look almost like a neutral. I love the compactness and structure.  The zipper is decent but could be a bit smoother, but that doesn’t bother me much.  I also don’t like how prominent the branding is on the front of the wallet. What bothered me the most about this wallet is how easily it scratches.  I noticed several squiggly scratches on the back side within the first 10 minutes of owning this damn wallet, WTF!!?  The only thing I did was fill it with cards and place it on the table to photograph for you guys.  At this rate, the entire surface will be full of scratches by the end of the month.  It’s almost a deal breaker for me but I like it enough.  That and the fact that I used store credit, means that I will grin and bear with it.  If I was paying with new money, I think I would’ve returned it for the scratches alone.  I wish it was available in black leather, but no, Everlane can’t seem to ever get their inventory right to stock up on enough black items.  Why is it so hard for them to predict that black will be the most popular color?!

There are many versions of this wallet from other brands like the iconic one from Comme des Garcons, cuyana, and baggu.  If store credit did not factor into this equation, I would’ve gone for the baggu version, for its discreet branding, the fact that they are a local NYC company, seems to be the best value out of the four.

And finally, for V-day, the BF gifted me un-dyed linen bed sheets! I had mentioned linen sheets a while back but didn’t think he’d actually buy them! Feeling very lucky and grateful for him and the sheets. It’s seriously the best material gift I ever received!  For him, I gifted him a 100% cotton long sleeved gray T-shirt after he mentioned his desire to bring back the whole long sleeved T-shirt look from the 90’s.  I have to agree with him.  They are very flattering on guys.

Review: Everlane cashmere crop mockneck + my sweater care routine.

everlane cashmere review 2017-11-03 at 11.06.10 AM

Wasn’t this the week for sweaters?  It felt like autumn finally arrived!  To celebrate, I hand washed all my sweaters this week.

I soaked them all day in this gentle delicate laundry soap.   Rolled them up in bath towels and laid them out to dry a la Martha Stewart.  Did you know it’s actually better to hand wash cashmere than to dry clean? I was so relieved to learn this.  My sweaters looked and smelled better than they did coming from the cleaners.  Dry cleaning is so over rated.

Big news!  I received this cashmere crop mockneck as a gift from Everlane to review (a first!).  I had one bad experience with a sweater from EL, so didn’t expect much, but actually ended up really loving this sweater.  I’ve worn it three times this week already. Continue reading “Review: Everlane cashmere crop mockneck + my sweater care routine.”

outfit: slouch potato

everlane nisolo apc margiela 2017-10-15 at 2.38.48 PM

I’m a little out of my comfort zone here.  These are my very first pair of white pants!  Let’s hope I don’t spill coffee all over them.  As you might know, I’ve been stalking the slouchy chinos from Everlane for a while now and absolutely fell in love with them (to my surprise) when I tried them on in the Manhattan showroom.  Finally a pair of pants that look much better on a “real” body than on models. Continue reading “outfit: slouch potato”

outfit: workday (+ Everlane ponte pant review)

everlane-ponte-pants  ponte-pants-back

In a previous post, I talked about my disappointment with Everlane’s Ponte Pants.  Here’s my proper review of them.  Let’s start with the good.  They do feel comfortable and strike a nice balance between leggings and trousers.  With a tunic or dress, it’s modest enough for work.  And it’s long and conforming enough to keep you warm in the winter.  In theory, these were the perfect pants.   Continue reading “outfit: workday (+ Everlane ponte pant review)”