outfit: white t-shirt and jeans for a productive sunday


just a quick outfit post here.  i wore this classic combo on sunday, and it just so happens to be entirely pre-owned.  it was a sunny but cool day.  i had brunch outdoors, did some grocery shopping for the week, put my clean laundry away, finished reading a book, and made my favorite vegan meatballs recipe from the thug kitchen cookbook that paired really well with my holy grail spaghetti recipe.  later, i changed into bike shorts for barre3 at home, which by the way, i need to do more often!  i averaged twice per week in april, and i really should be doing it 3-5x per week.  what happened to my motivation? since starting an exercise program for the first time in my life this year, i haven’t noticed any physical changes yet, but i do notice that i’m less winded by the stairs in my apartment building.  that’s still progress! i’ll keep chugging along.  even 2x a week is better than the no exercise i was doing pre-2018.  it’s a new month, and time to be resolute about exercise once more!  but anyway, i finished the day off by making the final touches on a poster i’ll be presenting at a conference later this month. it was a productive day, all in all, and maybe this no non-sense outfit deserves credit for some of that. sometimes when i have a particularly good day or bad day, i ask myself if what i was wearing had anything to do with it, even a little, and i find that often times it does.

[outfit: *james perse tee, *levi’s 501ct, *sas suntimer sandals, *cluse watch]

outfit: pre-owned galore (+ a new non-fiction book I’m reading about ‘inconspicuous consumption’ and the ‘aspirational class’)

ootd 2018-04-24 at 8.56.54 PM

(excuse the all lower case… my shift key is still stuck, but i should be getting my new thinkpad tomorrow!)

wow, i just realized i’m wearing nearly all pre-owned clothes today.  Continue reading “outfit: pre-owned galore (+ a new non-fiction book I’m reading about ‘inconspicuous consumption’ and the ‘aspirational class’)”

outfit: sweat shorts (I was referred to a money coach + no-sew mending)

ootd shirt repair 2018-02-19 at 11.58.48 PM

I used paypal earnings from selling some clothes on Poshmark to buy these pre-owned (new with tags) James Perse sweat shorts (MSRP = $165 vs. price I paid = $35).  These shorts had been in my “likes” folder for quite some time.  It’s something I would consider buying new as well, which helped me figure out whether I wanted it because it was discounted or if I really wanted it for what it is.  In the end, I decided yes I really wanted it for what it is, because I could see myself wearing them a lot, and especially because I don’t already own anything similar.  The Paypal credit and the 80% off retail price tag helped seal the deal too, of course.

At home, my legs like to breathe, and while frolicking around the apartment sans pants is totally acceptable, a lot of times a little bottom coverage is necessary, like when I’m stir frying something in the kitchen and need to avoid oil splatter or when I’m doing chores and need pockets to carry my phone around with me because I’m in the middle of a super long text conversation with a friend.  Anyway, I like these shorts a lot.  They have become the first thing I change into when I get home from work.  They are very soft and I love the functionality of the 3 pockets.  The length is nice, but the opening is a bit narrow so if you have medium to large thighs, these might feel too constricting in that area.  For reference, I’m wearing a JP size 1 here, and normally I’m a size 27-28 in pants.

Too bad JP doesn’t offer detailed size charts for every garment.  I don’t understand why retailers don’t post these measurements. Seems like it would be cost-saving to go that extra mile to prevent avoidable returns.  It would also help customers overcome the fear of buying something online.

I’m doing pretty good with my spending in the month of February.  So far I’ve only used credits/paypal earnings for new additions, so I don’t really count that as real spending, but of course it is.

Today I had my final session with my personal finance coach (provided free of cost by my employer) and she referred me to a “money coach” / retirement specialist with another agency (also provided free of cost by my employer) for further guidance about financial matters beyond budgeting and saving.  I made sure to check that there is a fiduciary relationship between adviser and client with no sales component to their business before signing up.  I’ve felt very confused about retirement/investments and the question of disability insurance.  There’s so many conflicts of interest, and an entire blood sucking industry out there that preys on naive physicians, so I’m looking forward to hearing from an expert with no financial incentives to sell me on one thing or another.  I’ll write more on this in another post.

A couple days ago, I found this hole in my favorite (only) ribbed tee!  But thank god I had some tear mender glue laying around and was able to glue the hole shut.  The whole process took less than 2 minutes.  Easy peasy.

ootd shirt repair 2018-02-19 at 11.58.23 PM


ootd shirt repair 2018-02-19 at 11.58.38 PM


I can’t sew very well, and honestly don’t have the patience for it, and although I would love to learn how, and went so far as to look up the best sewing machine and finding local sewing classes in my area, I decided against it in the end; I don’t have room for another hobby in my life at this point.  Do you sew?  Do you own a sewing machine?  If yes, how often do you use it?

[outfit:  *cuyana scoop silk tank, *james perse brushed fleece shorts; *=pre-owned]

outfit: sent home from work wardrobe

ootd 1-18-18 2018-01-17 at 9.42.50 PM

I was sent home from occupational health today for flu like symptoms.  Whatever plague disease I have has caused my ear drums to bulge, my throat to turn red, mouth to break out in sores, and my lungs were not clear to auscultation (TMI? sorry).  It all sounds a lot worse than I feel though.  The NP gave me a handful of pseudoephedine and an albuterol inhaler.  I’m waiting for the flu test results now, but if they come back positive I’m banned from work until Tuesday.  There was a system wide email sent out advising everyone to wear masks at the hospital.  It’s pretty bad I guess.  I’m grateful for occupational health being so available to us, so I didn’t have to wait for hours in the ER.  Plus hospital staff get free medications, so they just handed them to me without a prescription or a trip to the pharmacy.  It is a rarely used, but nice perk.

Back to talking about what I’m wearing.  These are the Black Crane carpenter pants in corduroy cream I got from poshmark yesterday.  They feel substantially different from my other carpenter pants in navy, which have a flannel like feel to them.  The corduroy versions are more structured.  My navy ones are a size small and look very baggy.  These are a size XS and look a lot less baggy.  They are snug to get around the hips (my ectomorph hips are 36″ for reference) but once they pass the hips, they sit nicely at the waist.  It’s been so long since I’ve worn corduroy.  What I don’t like is how easily lint sticks to it and how easily it retains wrinkles.  I had to iron these out before wearing it here.  I probably won’t be wearing these pants much until the spring time.  They might be too warm for summer.  So they might be more suitable for lounging around at home which is what I’m doing most of the time anyway.

This post made me think about the idea of working from home going forward.  Telepsychiatry is a growing field and given my homebody introverted tendencies, I should give it more serious consideration.  There are a couple of bloggers I follow that work from home, and that idea always appealed to me.  Maybe in a couple of years.  We’ll see.

[outfit:  *organic by john patrick tee, *black crane carpenter pants xs, arizona birkenstocks; *=pre-owned]

weekend updates: disaster at the dry cleaner + a few ethical wardrobe additions + my new scented candle addiction


I nearly cried today when I discovered bleach stains all over my beloved $500 APC coat!  It came back like this from the dry cleaners.  I had it dry cleaned weeks ago but didn’t notice it until today.  I was so upset.  Recall how devastated I was when the same dry cleaners destroyed the hem line of my brand new Jesse Kamm pants. I’ve had battles with this dry cleaners for years.  The owner is very disorganized and seemingly has severe ADHD.  He’s also very annoying and talks too much.  I debated going back there to complain but the BF convinced me to just leave it alone.  Instead I wrote an honest review of the establishment on Yelp.  This dry cleaners is very close to my apartment but from now on I’ll walk 4 more blocks to more competent cleaners.  I googled “how to repair bleach stains” and learned that you can use permanent markers.  I was able to repair it to some degree with a green marker but the stains are still visible because the colors don’t match exactly.  SAD!


In other news, I’ve been staying on top of my Barre3 work outs, doing at least 5 videos per week.  On some days I only did 10 minute work outs because I got home late or just felt lazy.  The 10 minute work outs still work up a sweat though.  My favorite exercises involve the resistance band and ball, which target the core and butt muscles in ways I didn’t know possible.  I’ve been wearing cotton bike shorts and a t shirt for most work outs but when our heater stopped working yesterday I wanted to wear leggings to stay warm.  I searched all over my closet for a pair of leggings and realized I no longer own any!  I mean I do own two winter leggings from AA, but those are very thick and compressive, not really suitable for working out.  I bought 3 Uniqlo leggings years ago but one by one threw them out when they tore or became transparent around the knees and butt area.  I haven’t bought leggings since I’ve started shopping more ethically, and I was so shocked at how damn expensive ethical leggings are.  I was practically drooling over the Outdoor Voices leggings and crop sports bras, but I just could not swallow the $90 price tag for leggings (especially after what happened to my coat).  So I found some secondhand Patagonia work out clothes on Poshmark and called it a day.

Actually, it didn’t end there.  I also purchased a couple other secondhand items from Poshmark:  a Lauren Manoogian ribbed tee in cream and a pair of cream colored corduroy Black Crane carpenter pants — at like 75% off retail price.  I’m really excited for these things to come in the mail.  These were things that I had in mind for 2018 even before I found them secondhand.  So I felt like I really scored here.  I felt really good about the purchase because #1 it met my goals of adding higher quality and lighter colors to my wardrobe, #2 they were made from ethical brands, and #3 on top of being ethical, I got them secondhand making them even more environmentally friendly.

Ever since Christmas, I’ve been burning scented candles like crazy.  In the past, I could never really enjoy scented candles because to be honest, they are expensive and whenever I burned them it felt like I was burning dollar bills.  I would try to conserve the candle and couldn’t really let go and enjoy the aromatherapy.  But because I got a bunch of scented candles for Christmas and didn’t want them to clutter the apartment for too long, I burned them freely, all day, every day.  Then I realized that I really enjoyed them, it seemed to help me relax and fall asleep more easily at the end of the day.

Yesterday night I decided I wanted to learn more about scented candles and did some internet research and discovered a whole world of candle aficionados.  There a lot of people on youtube who review scented candles and they know an insane amount of information on candles.  They collect candles.  They have very specific vocabulary they use to describe aspects of scented candles, like “throw” and “cold sniff”, “high notes”, “base notes”.  And they remember limited editions scents produced by candle makers from 2004, similar to the way sommeliers speak of wines.

I also learned that certain scents have been shown to reduce peoples appetites.  Peppermint is one of them and I realized that two of the candles I had been burning non stop were peppermint!  I noticed that since burning candles I haven’t been craving as much junk food.  I’ve lost 4 pounds since Christmas.  It’s hard to know if this is because of the candle or if its due to my new work out routine and healthy eating mindset.

A lot of “candle-heads” on youtube rave about the 3-wick candles at bath and body works.  I haven’t tried them yet and honestly haven’t walked into a Bath and Body Works since my high school mall days in the 90s, and generally have a low regard for their products, but the candle heads were such big fans, that I decided I’d give their candles a try.  They were on sale for half off and I was able to combine the sale with a 20% coupon (with promo code:  DISCOVER20) to buy 3 candles:  rose, donut campfire, and eucalyptus (with mint).

Another candle company that is to die for is the Brooklyn Candle Studio which is run by an African American female entrepreneur in Brooklyn.  Their candle scents are sophisticated and dreamy and I love their “minimalist” line of candles.  They are similar to the quality of Dyptique but without the insane price tag.  I just got the Rose Botanica and LOVE the smell of it, but do wish the “throw” (how far the scent travels when lit) was farther.  My nose is very weak though, so if you have a good sense of smell then you’ll love it.

I’m hooked on candles now.  No longer will I save them for special occasions or bubble baths.  I’m going to be lighting up candles day in and day out, and stocking up when I find good candles on sale.  It’s a whole new world, lol.

In other news, the BF re-arranged his office space and I think it looks really nice!  He’s going to be away at work tomorrow so I’ll try to sneak a few pics in to complete my apartment tour for you guys.  And my dog Freddy’s DNA ancestry test results are back and we were so surprised about what we found out.  I’ll post the results tomorrow as well. Stay tuned!