Some things on my radar + thoughts about “shopping”.


I keep a running list of things that peak my interest in a folder on my google chrome browser. Thought I’d share them with you here.

You might recall how much I talked about my ugly but comfortable SAS shoes? Well I just read about SAS making a line of minimalist comfort shoes, called HOPP, from the former Opening Ceremony designer, that are actually not ugly. The mules and boots look amaze and are supposed to be very comfortable.  I’m not in the market for new shoes right now but when I am, these will be top on my list. Continue reading “Some things on my radar + thoughts about “shopping”.”

How I discovered my style


If you are reading my blog, you probably, like me, enjoy reading about other blogger’s thought processes when deciding what to wear.  It helps me think in new ways about my own style.

What I’ve noticed is that I think much differently than I used to (in my 20s).  When I look back at my old shopping habits, it is astonishing how little thought I put into how I spent.  In my late 20s- early 30s, I slowly dug my way out of debt.  Part of my debt was due to being in school for so long, but a big part was also due to my terrible shopping habits.  I was spending a little each time, and spending a lot overall.  I ended up with a closet full of clothes that was frustrating and didn’t last the test of time.

I didn’t really start to think about my shopping habits until I started reading about how other bloggers shopped.  In this post, I want to share a story about my old shopping habits; not to beat up on myself but to simply reflect on how I learned valuable lessons that allowed me to be more free to be me. Continue reading “How I discovered my style”