Review: Everlane cashmere crop mockneck + my sweater care routine.

everlane cashmere review 2017-11-03 at 11.06.10 AM

Wasn’t this the week for sweaters?  It felt like autumn finally arrived!  To celebrate, I hand washed all my sweaters this week.

I soaked them all day in this gentle delicate laundry soap.   Rolled them up in bath towels and laid them out to dry a la Martha Stewart.  Did you know it’s actually better to hand wash cashmere than to dry clean? I was so relieved to learn this.  My sweaters looked and smelled better than they did coming from the cleaners.  Dry cleaning is so over rated.

Big news!  I received this cashmere crop mockneck as a gift from Everlane to review (a first!).  I had one bad experience with a sweater from EL, so didn’t expect much, but actually ended up really loving this sweater.  I’ve worn it three times this week already. Continue reading “Review: Everlane cashmere crop mockneck + my sweater care routine.”