Outfit: for a walk in Central Park on a cool Sunday afternoon.


I have Sunday mornings all to myself for the next few months as my BF is off teaching a weekend class.  I used this time today to take my dog on a walk while listening to The Minimalists podcast episode on debt.  I’m pretty late to the whole podcast scene and was pleasantly surprised by their quality content.  These guys aren’t too extreme and have really mature perspectives on life based on starting from rock bottom, reaching success, and then choosing to make huge changes to their lives to bring them happiness.  They are super inspiring to listen to, I think more so than reading their blog.  After listening, I felt inspired to go on a manicure ban for the rest of the year to save some money.  Notice my bare fingernails?  I do pedicures at home because they require little effort and upkeep, so that won’t change.   Continue reading “Outfit: for a walk in Central Park on a cool Sunday afternoon.”