the z-strap sandal

balfour dr marten

Lately, my Doc Marten z-strap sandals have been on high rotation on hot days that require a lot of walking.  I previously owned a pair of Chaco Z2’s that look similar, except much more orthopedic.  The straps on the Chacos were too long on me, not built for my thin/long feet.  Lucky for me though, they have a cult following among outdoorsy people so I was able to sell them easily online for almost the same price I paid. Continue reading “the z-strap sandal”

outfit: high rise high waters

chinos and crop top outfit cos

I’ve been admiring high waisted white linen culottes lately; they have such a breezy, modern feel to them.  I especially love the ones designed by the high-end basics label Apiece Apart.  But I’m not quite ready to experiment with culottes yet (not sure if I’m really tall enough to pull them off) so will resort to the next best thing- foldin’ up my chinos! Continue reading “outfit: high rise high waters”

Wardrobe: Summer Staples

summer 2014 wardrobe

Lately, I’ve been paying attention to the foundational pieces in my closet, getting back to basics…this new ‘haul’ is a bit normcore, it includes all my new essentials:  the transport tote from Madewell in dark navy, these made in Germany narrow arizona Birkenstocks in black for walks in the park, classic keds in black leather for any time, lisa marie fernandez byzantine bikini top, and these super affordable effortless tanks from H&M that go with everything.  I feel a bit giddy knowing how much use I’m going to get out of each of these.

If you hadn’t already noticed, Birkenstocks are back.  It started with Celine, Kate Moss, the Olsen twins, then zara, j. crew, and many other retail stores started making knock off versions.  It became so popular, the German company had to recently expand production to keep up with demand.  The black ones are pretty much sold out everywhere except Zappos if you opt for the Vegan leather version which happens to be $40 cheaper and just as comfortable.  Susie Bubble did a great piece on this shoe craze when she was invited to tour the factory last fall.  Anyway, I’ve been getting a lot of use out of them and my fallen arches are glad they’re back.