beauty: the truman

harrys truman razor

I was so fed up with my old Schick Quattro razor.  It’s ugly, complicated; the head broke off every time it fell in the shower and the blades got dull fast.  It seemed like I was paying a lot for a crappy product.  I realized there are only 3 options at the drug store:  Schick, Gillette, and Bic– all equally gimmicky, ugly; each desperately trying to vie for your attention with loud colors, swirly patterns, and moisturizing strips.

But all I want from a razor is a simple pleasing design, good working parts, no frills, at a reasonable price, so I’m glad I found the Truman at Harry’s.  It’s the most beautiful affordable razor I’ve found; at only $10, with each replacement head under $2 a piece, with free shipping.  I’ve used it once so far and am really impressed at the close shave, flexible head, and its secure attachment mechanism at the very neck of the razor.  Although it is marketed towards men, I feel it is actually gender neutral and offers a great shave, safe for female parts.  This will definitely become a staple in my beauty routine. Continue reading “beauty: the truman”

beauty: how to make sheer nail color opaque

essie minimalist and illamasqua monogamous

One of my new favorite nail colors is Essie’s ‘minimalist’, which I’ve mentioned earlier. This nail color is almost perfect except that it requires 3 coats to get an opaque finish. That’s simply too much work. A quick fix for this is layering with a base opaque nude color. Here I’m wearing one thin coat of Illamasqua ‘monogamous’ (a natural opaque matte nude color) with one coat of Essie’s minimalist on top.  The base color disappears while the top color stands out minus any annoying uneven sheerness.

beauty: 5 anti-aging secrets

anti-aging skin care secrets

Is your night cream ripping you off?  Some of the most popular anti-aging products are totally ineffective, many of their claims are not even biologically plausible.  And many more products carry ingredients that are formulated or packaged ineffectively.  It takes 6 months to see any difference, so many women continue to get ripped off while they wait.  I’m not an expert, but by having a basic science background and the neurotic drive to do some cosmeceutical research on pubmed, I’ve come up with a list of 5 essential and 2 non-essential anti-aging skincare ingredients.  Drum roll please!

The 5 Essentials:

1. L-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) Continue reading “beauty: 5 anti-aging secrets”