outfit: athleisure

2221 new balance 999 everlane street

This has become my go to outfit for walks in the park.  Everlane came out with these cozy structured ‘street fleece pants’  made of soft jersey neoprene fabric with ankle zips and 3 big pockets.  I’m wearing size small.  The elastic waist band is very generous; I could probably gain 20 lbs and still fit into these!  (Just thinkin ahead.)  Would highly recommend these if you’re looking for an alternative to leggings but don’t like the look of traditional sweat pants.

I also love these new balance 999 elite edition shoes!   The 500 and 600 series shoes seem to be more popular, but as my BF pointed out, they are too ‘pretty’ and didn’t feel like ‘real’ athletic shoes.  Instead, I needed an ugly hard working shoe, but new balance can get really really ugly as you get into the 700-1000 series.  Except for the 999s, which is the perfect balance between comfort and style, I think. Continue reading “outfit: athleisure”