outfit: work work work work

outfit: secondhand Lauren Manoogian top, Eileen Fisher jumper dress, Elizabeth Suzann tilda linen pants, Nike boy sandals

Hi friends.  Here I am, in all my domestic glory.  This is what I wore for a weekend morning spent deep cleaning the apartment with the new Robyn album blasting in the background. This is what I call fun! 

I decided to layer this EF jumper dress over this all cream outfit to add big utilitarian pockets into the mix.

Was anyone else super disturbed by the slack Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got from creepo “journalist” Scarry for being a woman and wearing clothes according to congressional dress code? WTF!?  And then to cop out and say he just meant to comment on how nice she appeared. B.S.! Even if that was his genuine intent; it’s misogyny and it doesn’t make it any better!

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with admiring/commenting on a public figure’s style choices.  I do this all the time.  But when it’s coming from a man and meant to be demeaning… it’s so intolerable.  I can’t even…

I feel a connection with Ocasio-Cortez.  We both grew up from working class families.  I used to work and live in the district she serves (the Bronx).  And socialism?  I’m down with that.  We are around the same age, and are both starting our careers in challenging, high pressure male dominated fields.  And we also carry the same purse, see!

She’s wearing the Dagne and Dover bag.  It’s a little insane that I was able to recognize this bag in her viral campaign ad.  

Even if she is wearing designer/expensive clothes, does this necessarily mean she is out of touch with the working class?  We also have no way of knowing how much she paid for such clothes.  She could have bought it secondhand.  Or maybe she skimps on other things so she can spend more on professional clothes. The whole question is problematic and it’s not even worth entertaining.

The Dagne Dover bag retails for about $245, which is expensive to most.  But buying secondhand, you can snag it for less than $100.  That’s what I did.

Even if she paid full price.  It’s no ones business.  Professional women have to dress professional and this is not cheap.  Even if we are broke, we have to prioritize paying for appropriate work wear because we just have to!  It’s hard enough to get the respect you deserve no matter how competent you are as a young professional woman.  

I bought my Dagne Dover bag from Poshmark for $80.  It looked brand new and no one would have known it was so cheap, except for you guys of course.  Fashionable broke women know how to dress like they aren’t.  And men like Scarry who think they can cast judgment on a woman’s worth/priorities based on what’s she wearing need to get a clue and fuck off!

In search of an autumn dress for the work week.

Hello my dear readers. I took an involuntary hiatus from posting again (sorry!).   Work and life has been all consuming lately and I haven’t made time for regular posts, but I always look forward to coming back and hearing from you guys!  A few people reached out to make sure we were safe from the deadly mega fires near Los Angeles, and luckily we are. Thank god.  We are located deep within the city, no where near vegetation, so I think we will be safe from future fires as well.  I’m sad and horrified by how many people have died in the fires and by how frequent these mega fires are occurring.  I hope you all are safe and doing well.  I’m sending a collective hug to you all!

In the past month, I haven’t been shopping or craving new clothes, until today.  After realizing I’d worn the same dress to multiple work meetings, I suddenly wanted one more work appropriate dress for the fall weather. 

The weather is starting to cool down a bit, and when I say cool, I mean around 65 degrees.  Hardly cold at all. It does feel very cold in the office though especially when I’m sitting in one position for a long time, typing my notes. 

Lately I’ve been reaching for the same 4-5 outfits every week.  My first line outfits have been a loose top with my Muji wool skirt or Mijeong Park ribbed sweater dress (the cream version is on sale!).  And my second line outfits have been long sleeved tops with various cropped work trousers.  Now that we have an in-apartment washer and dryer, I can get away with re-wearing my favorites each week.  But the problem is I’m wearing the same outfit each week!  (as opposed to every other week which was my old routine in New York).

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to show you guys a few highlights from my dress search.  I combed several websites:  Vince, Need Supply, Hackwidth Design House, and Kowtow Clothing.  I decided I didn’t even want to look at Everlane, Elizabeth Suzann, or Eileen Fisher today.  I feel a bit oversaturated with their stuff lately.  I narrowed my focus to dresses that had many of the same features in my beloved “first line” outfits, ie. dresses that were midi length, had a fit that graced the body (loose but not too loose), and was both modest and versatile.  It is really important for me to be able to wear a non padded bra/bralette with my dresses without any embarassing nipplage showing.  Not that anything is wrong with nipplage per se, but I work with a lot of disinhibited male patients that would take any chance to devalue me if they could and so I have to be mindful about what I wear to work for that reason.

The first dress at the top from Mijeong Park caught my eye.  I love the oatmeal color and the soft rolled edges along the hem at the neckline and wrists.  The fabrication is very similar to the hooded cardigan from MP that I already own.  Ultimately though, I decided against it due to the fact that it would probably pill too much for an everyday dress, and it didn’t have any pockets.  It would be really nice though for occasional wear.

Second dress that caught my attention was this beautiful ribbed dress from Kowtow!  Wow it’s so nice.  Understated but interesting when you pay attention to the details.  The shape is very similar to my MP ribbed dress.  So similar that I felt it didn’t make sense to spend so much money on something I basically already have.  Plus, no pockets!  Bummer.

Another great find at Kowtow.  OK, this is not really a work dress at all, which is why I didn’t allow myself to buy it, but look how cute it is!  I like the idea of layering a button dress over top a sweater dress.  Genius!  

I love the color of this teal dress at Kowtow.  And loved how casual it looks too.  Pockets were a plus, but something about it felt too serious and drab.  A lot of times I get this urge to dress like a nun or monk and I have to consciously resist that, lol. 

And here’s the winner! The tencel drawstring dress at Hackwith Design House.  The shape is similar to the ribbed dress.  It’s loose, but not too loose.  I love how the drawstring brings the waist in just slightly and doesn’t cause too much bunching. The boatneck and the cuffs on the sleeves gives it a casual elegance.  Everything about it is so subtle (which is important when you want to be able to wear things over and over).  I can see myself moving freely and feeling very comfortable in this at work.  Hope it works out!

How about you guys? What features do you look for in the dresses you wear to work?

outfit: election day

ootd 11618

secondhand James Perse tee | Muji wool skirt | hooded cardigan gifted by Mijeong Park | Famolare honeybuckle wedges

Did you vote today?  I’m keeping my fingers crossed for the House Dems.  To honor the occasion, I thought I’d wear a monochrome gray outfit to let my ‘I Voted’ sticker shine. 

outfit: same-same


outfit: ATM cashmere sweater | Muji wool blend skirt | secondhand SAS suntimer sandal

This is what I wore to work today….

Sometimes I’ll add something to my wardrobe that I really like, wear it almost every week for months, then suddenly taper off; ‘binge-wear’ so to speak. I think that’s going to be the case with this skirt.  I hope people at work aren’t paying attention.  But I also don’t really care if they are.   Oddly enough I think being under a lot of stress lately has given me no desire to to add anything new to my wardrobe.  Sometimes stress does the opposite.  I’m OK with wearing the same things for now.  I’m sure that will change.  I still enjoy outfit pics like anyone else, but feel more immune to marketing these days.   I’m so sick of sponsored content and ads.  I know it makes the world go round but it’s too much!  What if there was a sponsored content free month on social media?!  How would that feel? Can we join forces for that? …probably not in this world.  It was just a thought.