outfit: pet color inspiration (+ further dress hunting + what I think about my new steamer)

ootd 5-7

[outfit: Mijeong Park hooded cardigan (gifted for review); old zara top; Elizabeth Suzann twill clyde pants, Vionic orthaheel surin flats, Baggu crossbody bag; *Cluse watch]

I’m wearing one of my favorite color combinations here: gray, brown, and black, inspired by my Australian cattle dog’s beautiful coat. Cheesy wardrobe pearl: you can always look to nature (or your pet’s coat) for style inspiration!

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outfit: white t-shirt and jeans for a productive sunday


just a quick outfit post here.  i wore this classic combo on sunday, and it just so happens to be entirely pre-owned.  it was a sunny but cool day.  i had brunch outdoors, did some grocery shopping for the week, put my clean laundry away, finished reading a book, and made my favorite vegan meatballs recipe from the thug kitchen cookbook that paired really well with my holy grail spaghetti recipe.  later, i changed into bike shorts for barre3 at home, which by the way, i need to do more often!  i averaged twice per week in april, and i really should be doing it 3-5x per week.  what happened to my motivation? since starting an exercise program for the first time in my life this year, i haven’t noticed any physical changes yet, but i do notice that i’m less winded by the stairs in my apartment building.  that’s still progress! i’ll keep chugging along.  even 2x a week is better than the no exercise i was doing pre-2018.  it’s a new month, and time to be resolute about exercise once more!  but anyway, i finished the day off by making the final touches on a poster i’ll be presenting at a conference later this month. it was a productive day, all in all, and maybe this no non-sense outfit deserves credit for some of that. sometimes when i have a particularly good day or bad day, i ask myself if what i was wearing had anything to do with it, even a little, and i find that often times it does.

[outfit: *james perse tee, *levi’s 501ct, *sas suntimer sandals, *cluse watch]

outfit: blue, green, and kinda blue

OOTD 4 26

fashion rules say blue and green should never be seen together, but conceptually i liked the way these two pieces work with each other.  both are made from heavy duty cotton canvas and have nearly identical color values with visible fading from multiple washes over the years.  i felt conflicted about the outfit as a whole though, mainly about the ankle socks being so prominent but i didn’t have time to second guess it and just went out the door.

here i am with the new google pixel 2 phone in the color ‘kinda blue’.  the phone is so pretty.  love the straight edges and minimalist boxy design.  this baby is lightning fast.  the fingerprint reader is like 10x faster than the one on the iphone and the voice activated assistant responds insanely fast too. i’m going to get a clear case for it to preserve its beauty, but if and when i get tired of the ‘kinda blue’ color, i’ll switch to a black or white cover. at least that was my rationale when i chose this funky color.

is it me or is this mirror selfie much more sharp than my usual photos? i think the camera is far superior, but maybe just in comparison to the old iphone.  i’m using the google bluetooth earphones too.  i like the discreet, non-flashy design, and how the buds feel more secure being tethered together with a fabric covered wire. i’ve been able to listen to podcasts while walking around my apartment while my phone is sitting in the other room.  the bluetooth range is really strong and it never cuts out. so far so good.

[outfit: *old trademark shirt, *cuyana scoop neck silk tank, *madewell straight chino, HOPP oxfords, *dagne dover midi tote]

outfit: pre-owned galore (+ a new non-fiction book I’m reading about ‘inconspicuous consumption’ and the ‘aspirational class’)

ootd 2018-04-24 at 8.56.54 PM

(excuse the all lower case… my shift key is still stuck, but i should be getting my new thinkpad tomorrow!)

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