outfit: comeback pants (+ my bedroom tour!)

old Madewell cotton slub tee | Vince corduroy culottes | Nike foam sandals

If these pants look familiar to you, you are not going crazy. I snapped a photo of them during a try on at Nordstrom’s last year when I didn’t end up buying them. At the time, I was trying to prioritize other types of clothes. I recall really loving them though, and was a little sad about walking away. They actually came back to mind a few times since then.

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outfits: cuffed

APC coat | Vince sleeveless turtleneck | Levi’s 501 ct | pre-owned Vince blair slip ons

Hello dear readers! Although I would like to, I haven’t been able to keep up with posting during the week. Thank you for sticking with me! I’ve never adhered to a strict schedule with this blog, but I think that for now, I’ll slow down a bit and post about once per week, mostly on Sundays because that seems to be the day when I usually feel productive and consistently have free time.

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outfit: ______

Vince wool knit top | secondhand Madewell bodysuit| J crew trousers | old Everlane day flats

Happy 2019 dear readers!

I’m back home after some holiday traveling. When I got home, a box with this knit sleeveless top was waiting for me at the door. It was a bit of a risk because I bought it on sale and it wasn’t returnable.

At first, I didn’t know what to make of the neck part of the top. It wasn’t long enough to fold over and out like a traditional turtleneck, but felt restrictive if standing up against my chin. After moving around in it a bit though, the fabric kind of naturally folded elegantly inward by itself. It was a subtle difference that turned this outfit from nun-wear to California-casual. Also loving the hair tucked into shirt look, especially because my hair is particularly huge these days.

These shoes are really starting to fall apart. The leather is peeling badly. I received two pairs of shoes that I bought over vacation (I did a lot of shopping this past week, ah!). Sadly none of them worked out, one was too wide, and the other too tight. One, I will have to re-sell, the other I can return for store credit. Note to self: never buy shoes that aren’t returnable, no matter how good the deal. Lesson learned.

In other news, we are adding some furniture to our bedroom, so things are a bit in flux in my apartment right now. My mirror is temporarily in the living room, but soon it will be replaced by a smaller mirror in the bedroom. I’m working on putting artwork on the walls and adding a few other things.

I don’t have any formal new years resolutions this year. I just want to work on furnishing the apartment and possibly finish up some dormant painting projects that have been lurking around in the back of my mind. This year, I want to have fun and be sort of loose with my goals, steering away from specific quotas and schedules.

outfits: sell some, buy some

vince ribbed flare cashmere crew | elizabeth suzann clyde pants | everlane day flats (old version)

I’m “on-call” this weekend, which means I’m working Friday night and all of Saturday and Sunday.  I have to be present during the day and could get called at home in the middle of the night.  I was called at 3am and 5am last night.  Then I woke up at 7am to go into work.  By 3pm I was out. 

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