outfit: same-same


outfit: ATM cashmere sweater | Muji wool blend skirt | secondhand SAS suntimer sandal

This is what I wore to work today….

Sometimes I’ll add something to my wardrobe that I really like, wear it almost every week for months, then suddenly taper off; ‘binge-wear’ so to speak. I think that’s going to be the case with this skirt.  I hope people at work aren’t paying attention.  But I also don’t really care if they are.   Oddly enough I think being under a lot of stress lately has given me no desire to to add anything new to my wardrobe.  Sometimes stress does the opposite.  I’m OK with wearing the same things for now.  I’m sure that will change.  I still enjoy outfit pics like anyone else, but feel more immune to marketing these days.   I’m so sick of sponsored content and ads.  I know it makes the world go round but it’s too much!  What if there was a sponsored content free month on social media?!  How would that feel? Can we join forces for that? …probably not in this world.  It was just a thought.