outfit: just a t-shirt (+ how I’m wearing a watch again+ some music vids)

atm t shirt review

I wore this outfit today.  I’m wearing that ATM slub t-shirt I bought two weeks ago.  Since then, I’ve worn it maybe 6 times! I love the delicate way it drapes.  Like all slub cottons, the fabric wavers between thick and thin.  That quality combined with the heathered flax color gives this t-shirt a subtle complexity (which of course no one is going to notice or care about but me, lol).  I like to fold up the edge and messily tuck it into my pants so that it drapes at the waist and has no hard edges.  The material is so delicate that it would probably wear down easily.  I wouldn’t be surprised if a few holes popped up eventually.  I’ll try to be gentle with washing.  Here’s a close up.

ootd ATM CLOTHING 2018-03-09 at 10.14.42 PM

In other news, I was inspired by Talia’s post about watches, and dug out my old Cluse watch today.  Longtime readers here will recall that I used to wear this watch all the time.  After the leather strap broke, I replaced it with a gold metallic strap.  That turned out to be a bad idea because it would occasionally tug at my little arm hairs (and btw, I am the least hairy person I know!).  I shaved my wrist today, and that seems to have solve 90% of the problem.  Regardless, I went ahead and ordered a leather strap because aside from the hair pulling problem, I think leather straps are overall much more comfortable and I’m more likely to wear my watch if it’s leather.  And when I wear my watch, I feel more effective at work and in life.  The added bonus is that I think watches, especially these large faced minimalist ones, look really nice with almost any outfit.

I scrolled through the HOPP studios instagram account today and saw a preview of their new wedge sandal with a built in toe ring.   I might consider buying a pair in the summer.  It would be nice to have a pair of comfortable low heeled sandals that I can wear to work.  But I’m anticipating a lot of expenses this summer, so I might not be able to.  We’ll see.  I’m also sad to see that their boots are going out of production.  They never had the black ones in my size.  Looks like I missed out.  Sad.

And now for some exciting new music I felt worth sharing.  Have you guys heard of the band Snail Mail?  I’ve been listening all week to their EP and getting really into it.  There’s increasingly more buzz around them.  I’ve been listening to Soccer Mommy too, another band with female vocals.  Both bands remind me of what it was like being a teenage girl in the 90’s.

Here’s the music video for Snail Mail’s song “Thinning”.  The lead singer is wearing a black mock neck in this one, which y’all know I have a soft spot for!

And here’s a morbid video by Soccer Mommy.

Were you a teenager in the 90s?  How did you dress back in those days?  How has your style changed since then?

[outfit: ATM school boy crew slub tee in flax, *black crane corduroy carpenter pants]


outfit: death angel?

ootd all black 2018-03-14 at 7.31.10 PM

I wore this outfit to work today, except I also had on a black cardigan and was wearing black oxfords.  I changed into these sandals when I got home.  Patients rarely ever comment on my clothes at work, but this sweet 90 year old lady who I was called to see today because she was delirious and kept talking about wanting to die, took notice of my outfit.  When I met with her, she asked me very politely, “Excuse me but may I ask why are you wearing all black?  Are you my death angel?  Because if you are, please take me, I’m ready to go.”  I pulled up my dress to show her that I was wearing purple colored socks and therefore could not possibly be her death angel.  This made us both laugh.  Later, she kept referring to me as “hey lady with the purple socks”, lol.

purple socks ootdBut anyway, this is my first and only long dress in my wardrobe and I love it.   It’s the tencel stretch terry jumper dress from Eileen Fisher.  I tried on the grey version on a whim.  Really loved it and then decided to buy the black version for practicality.  The turtleneck part looks smart. And the large cut off arm holes let’s you change things up by wearing it over various types of fitted tops.  They look good with thin long sleeves and fitted tanks.  I’m wearing mine with a Spanx tank top that I usually wear when I don’t want to bother with wearing a bra but still want to be held in.  In this outfit, I feel like a character from the Adam’s Family.

This dress is one of those rare finds that look much better in real life and on average human bodies than on the tall super thin model. My good friend Joy (aka my dermatologist friend) recently bought the same dress or one very similar to it from EF, and I think she looks really good in it with a striped top!  You can see it over at her brand spankin’ new outfit instagram account, seejoywear.  I’m excited she decided to start posting her outfits because I’ve always admired her style, which always manages to be put together, modern, chic, but down to earth and relatable.

I will not follow outfit blogs/IG accounts where it looks like it took the person 10 hours to get dressed and do their hair and make up.  Ugh no thanks!

In other news, I’ve been procrastinating on my research projects these past few days and watching too much TV.  Is anyone else watching Queer Eye and/or the new season of Terrace House on Netflix?  Jonathan from Queer Eye is really growing on me.  And I love the decor in the new Terrace House.

[outfit:  new eileen fisher stretch tencel terry jumper dress, PACT long leggings, *kork ease wedges, HOPP studio oxfords, purple vietnam socks]


outfit: spring forward!

ootd 2018-03-13 at 6.29.33 PMI wore this crazy outfit to work today. I slept through my alarm, woke up late and was in a mad rush. Plus it was snowing unexpectedly, so that complicated matters. My thought process was: It’s snowing. Need leggings! OK, leggings on. Now I need pants that fit over leggings! Lemaire denim feel good over leggings. Ok I’ll wear that. Oh no, I can’t wear jeans to work! OK, let’s put on a long top to cover all the metallic hardware to hide the fact that I’m wearing jeans. Sweater dress! Puffer. Boots. Beanie. Snap OOTD photo. Run out the door!

By some public transportation miracle, I was only ten minutes late. I’m heading back home now. It’s suddenly clear and sunny outside, and I’m slightly overheating, lol.

On a positive note: the rest of the day was good and I’m enjoying the extra hour of day light.

[outfit: billy reid sweater dress, lemaire twist pant, apc armelle boots]

outfit: ottoman dress

ootd 2018-03-07 at 7.01.47 PM

While in LA yesterday, I went to the Beverly Center (the mall in Beverly Hills) for the first time since I was like 15.  Retail must be dead, because that place was so empty (old video about dead malls here).  I maybe saw two other people walking around.  And because it’s Beverly Hills, it was one of those rare malls that still had good stores in it.  In total, I bought 5 new things for my work wardrobe.  I thought about doing a stereotypical eye-roll-inducing “mall haul” post even though that’s not what I ever do, but luckily for you,  I’m too exhausted from all the traveling and lack of sleep to do that right now.  I thought I’d start off by posting what I wore today instead. Continue reading “outfit: ottoman dress”

wardrobe re-focus

ootd weeknd 2018-02-10 at 3.43.48 PMHi guys.  Sorry it’s been a while. I wrote this post before I flew out to LA this week, but I came home late from my side job and was in a mad rush to get to the airport the next morning, so this post sort of slipped through the cracks. But without further adieu…

February was a mixed bag for getting dressed. I wore work trousers and my HOPP oxfords almost every day but over time that began to feel stale.  I wouldn’t change the oxfords part of the equation but I got frustrated with my limited options for trousers.  I have plenty of pants (maybe like 9 or 10?), but I couldn’t wear most of  them out to work because it’s been cold and many of my pants are not cut out for the cold. I could wear leggings to warm things up, but in reality, I rush through my mornings and default to the same ol’ single layer options most days. This left me with only 3 pairs of trousers to rotate through during the work week (one of which is the tan trousers that most of you guys thought looked funny with socks).

I had the option of layering a skirt or work dress over winter leggings, but I own very few work appropriate dresses and skirts these days (just 1 or 2!).  I weeded out most of my work dresses during my closet clean outs over the years for one reason or another. I think mostly because a lot of my dresses were made out of cheap polyester fabrics that felt terrible against the skin (I bought these dresses before I became wiser about fabrics), or I got rid of them because they developed that gross polyester type of pilling – the kind that sound like plastic particles snapping when you try to remove them.

I didn’t shop much in the month of February except to use store credit to replace some old worn out necessities. The frustration I experienced has taught me that I should loosen up on my clothes shopping restriction, but make my money work harder by staying laser focused on building up my work wardrobe. Too often I get enamored with buying casual and loungewear, that I forget I need to get dressed for the office 5 days out of the week. Work wear is not as fun for me, but it’s time to wake up and fix that area in my closet. So what are some office clothing gaps that could use some filling?

I own one crappy cardigan.  It’s an EL cashmere BF cardigan that has not held up well.  It’s probably my own fault for choosing a cashmere in navy.  The fabric attracts way too much dust and pet hair.  It’s simply unwearable.  A swipe with a heavy duty lint roller does almost nothing to clear the debris. It’s also too warm to layer underneath my puffer during my commute.  So, one of my work wardrobe goals is to find a light weight, no nonsense long cardigan in either charcoal gray or black. One that is smooth to touch with little potential for pilling.  And something I could easily take with me on an airplane and stuff in my bag if I needed to.  Eventually I think I will want a similar one in a tan or oatmeal color as well.  I’m looking at this one from PACT clothing.

Second work wardrobe goal, I need to add 2 or 3 high quality, comfortable, but extremely boring/’classic” black full length trousers.  I’ve been aware of this huge gap in my wardrobe but have done nothing about it in all these years.  It’s hard to get excited about it.  Too often I go to a pants section of a shop and get distracted by all the new cuts of jeans and avant garde trousers, ie. Lemaire twist pants, black crane carpenters, jesse kamm.  Need to re-focus!

And lastly, I need to replace all the cheap polyester work dresses that I weeded out over the years, with similar dresses that are made of natural higher quality fabrics.  Maybe I’ll even experiment with dresses that go past my knees for once. I think maybe if I wear a more flattening bra with longer dresses, my proportions would balance out. I might need to step foot in a brick and mortar store for this one.  The idea of doing that pains me, lol.  I have my eyes on a few at Amour Vert dresses and this jumper dress from EF that I plan to wear over black or white fitted tees.  (I’m going to visit the Eileen Fisher store in real life today to try things on).

I cringe at what the price tag might be for these goals, but I think focusing on this area will bring more balance to my wardrobe.  I spend 5 days a week at work, and 2 days a week lounging around, and yet my wardrobe reflects the exact opposite lifestyle: it’s 70% casual/loungewear, and 30% office appropriate.  It’s madness!

On a positive note:  I’m pretty content in the shoe department.  I’ve been wearing my HOPP oxfords everyday to work since I got them around new years. They go with everything and there is nothing more comfortable while the weather is still cold.  They are practically giving select sizes away at the HOPP clearance sale, here (just a style PSA; I don’t get any $ or gifts from HOPP).  I’m holding out for the boots to come back in my size, but I’m not sure how much I’ll wear boots come spring and come my move to California.  Because maybe I’ll want to live the rest of my sunny California life in sandals!

Anyway, I hope you guys stay toasty during this next snowstorm on the east coast.  I’m supposed to be on a flight back to NYC tonight but I expect they will cancel my flight.


outfit: hem and haw (+ what I’m reading)

ootd 2018-02-26 at 5.31.14 PM

I usually show you guys what I wore to work during the week, but today I didn’t wear this outfit to work.  I put it on when I got home actually, after I picked up this shirt from the tailor/dry cleaners.  I got this Trademark top from TheRealReal for like $30 a few months back (the MSRP is probably around $300-400; they no longer manufacture clothes btw).  I had prior good experiences with Trademark and try to stick with brands that I know make high quality garments when shopping secondhand, because otherwise, it’s a real crap shoot.  But when I received this top in the mail, I was disappointed to find out it was shaped more like a tunic and bulged out in unflattering ways when I sat down.  There were still a lot of winning qualities about the garment though so I fussed over it for a while debating if I should return it or try to make it work.   Continue reading “outfit: hem and haw (+ what I’m reading)”

outfit: post-80’s main street USA

ootd 2018-02-25 at 1.26.52 PM

This is what I wore today, but it could just as well have been taken in the 1990s, 2000s, or 2010s. Fashion hasn’t really changed much in the post 80’s era. In my teens and 20’s, I wanted my clothes to stand out and say something special.  That was probably the 1980’s era American optimism and my youthful naïveté still brewing at the time, which has since faded away, alongside the death of the American dream.  Fast forward to today. I’ve developed a sober appreciation for dressing just like everyone else.  That attitude though, has not taken the joy out of getting dressed for me.  It’s a quieter joy than it used to be, but there’s joy nonetheless.

ootd 2018-02-25 at 1.26.25 PM

It was raining and muddy at the park today, where I took Freddy for his morning walk, so I decided to forego my usual oxfords and dusted off these crepe work boots for the occasion.  I covered the boots in wax a while back to protect them from water damage.  The wax dried and leaves a faint white dusty layer unevenly distributed in the crevices, which gives the boots the appearance of spending a lot of time on a construction site.  This is workwear chic done unintentionally.

I went to the cleaners to pick up my tailored shirt on Friday but the tailor said the seam work was more difficult than expected and she needed more time to work on it, which was OK with me.  She spent more than two hours tailoring this shirt and was not finished. I’m only paying her $35 for it.  That’s barely a living wage in the U.S.  It was another affirmation that I should be paying more for clothes.

How was your weekend?  On Friday, we stayed out late. Then I spent Saturday getting some much needed R&R. And today, Sunday, I’m working on a presentation that I have to give at work.  I have a number of presentations and research projects that I need to work on right now.  I’m starting to resent all these extra projects that I became involved in, which I don’t get paid extra for, and which dip into my free time.

And lastly, here’s a documentary about the anti-fashion movement that started in the 1990’s, as a reaction to the over the top optimism of the 1980’s.  I think you’ll find it interesting.

[outfit:  *lauren manoogian ribbed tee, *levi’s 501ct jeans, APC armelle boot, everlane long puffer; *=pre-owned]

outfit: very blah

ootd 2018-02-22 at 11.22.24 PM

Quick outfit post here of what I wore to work today.  The outfit worked against me all day.  First off, it looks kind of blah.  It’s bland and uninteresting. The wide boat neck slipped toward the edge of my shoulders and revealed my bra strap; I found myself becoming self conscious and frequently re-adjusting my top.  Then during lunch I splattered tomato sauce all over it, and I didn’t want to dab it with water because it is already a bit sheer.  So I walked around with two red stains on my top all day. So overall this outfit was a dud. I almost didn’t post it, but I felt it was important to be real and show the not so great outfits too.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m going to certification course on treating opioid addiction with suboxone.  It starts very early in the morning, but I will hopefully get home early, while there is still daylight to snap an OOTD photo.  After the class, I’m planning on picking up a tunic top that I had tailored into a semi-crop top at the dry cleaners.  I hope it works out.. so stay tuned for that.

NYER CAP CONT Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.10.18 PM

And lastly, here’s what I submitted to this week’s caption contest in the New Yorker magazine.  Kind of lame, but ’twas the best I got, LOL.  Would love to hear any of your ideas for this caption contest.

[outfit:  *eileen fisher linen top, *vince cotton trousers, hopp studio oxfords;*=pre-owned]

outfit: sweat shorts (I was referred to a money coach + no-sew mending)

ootd shirt repair 2018-02-19 at 11.58.48 PM

I used paypal earnings from selling some clothes on Poshmark to buy these pre-owned (new with tags) James Perse sweat shorts (MSRP = $165 vs. price I paid = $35).  These shorts had been in my “likes” folder for quite some time.  It’s something I would consider buying new as well, which helped me figure out whether I wanted it because it was discounted or if I really wanted it for what it is.  In the end, I decided yes I really wanted it for what it is, because I could see myself wearing them a lot, and especially because I don’t already own anything similar.  The Paypal credit and the 80% off retail price tag helped seal the deal too, of course.

At home, my legs like to breathe, and while frolicking around the apartment sans pants is totally acceptable, a lot of times a little bottom coverage is necessary, like when I’m stir frying something in the kitchen and need to avoid oil splatter or when I’m doing chores and need pockets to carry my phone around with me because I’m in the middle of a super long text conversation with a friend.  Anyway, I like these shorts a lot.  They have become the first thing I change into when I get home from work.  They are very soft and I love the functionality of the 3 pockets.  The length is nice, but the opening is a bit narrow so if you have medium to large thighs, these might feel too constricting in that area.  For reference, I’m wearing a JP size 1 here, and normally I’m a size 27-28 in pants.

Too bad JP doesn’t offer detailed size charts for every garment.  I don’t understand why retailers don’t post these measurements. Seems like it would be cost-saving to go that extra mile to prevent avoidable returns.  It would also help customers overcome the fear of buying something online.

I’m doing pretty good with my spending in the month of February.  So far I’ve only used credits/paypal earnings for new additions, so I don’t really count that as real spending, but of course it is.

Today I had my final session with my personal finance coach (provided free of cost by my employer) and she referred me to a “money coach” / retirement specialist with another agency (also provided free of cost by my employer) for further guidance about financial matters beyond budgeting and saving.  I made sure to check that there is a fiduciary relationship between adviser and client with no sales component to their business before signing up.  I’ve felt very confused about retirement/investments and the question of disability insurance.  There’s so many conflicts of interest, and an entire blood sucking industry out there that preys on naive physicians, so I’m looking forward to hearing from an expert with no financial incentives to sell me on one thing or another.  I’ll write more on this in another post.

A couple days ago, I found this hole in my favorite (only) ribbed tee!  But thank god I had some tear mender glue laying around and was able to glue the hole shut.  The whole process took less than 2 minutes.  Easy peasy.

ootd shirt repair 2018-02-19 at 11.58.23 PM


ootd shirt repair 2018-02-19 at 11.58.38 PM


I can’t sew very well, and honestly don’t have the patience for it, and although I would love to learn how, and went so far as to look up the best sewing machine and finding local sewing classes in my area, I decided against it in the end; I don’t have room for another hobby in my life at this point.  Do you sew?  Do you own a sewing machine?  If yes, how often do you use it?

[outfit:  *cuyana scoop silk tank, *james perse brushed fleece shorts; *=pre-owned]

outfit: comfy-core + (Everlane long puffer review)

everlane winter long puffer 2018-02-19 at 11.44.01 AM

Thank god for 3-day weekends!  I am relishing this day off.  I wasn’t sure what to wear today and decided to dig a little deeper into my closet for something I haven’t worn in a long time.  I decided on this very old long sleeve shirt from Target.  I think I’ve had it since the beginning of med school so it’s about 8 or 9? years old.  It’s front panel is made up a polyester blend and is sewn on in a quilted pattern.  To be honest it feels very cheap (and it was!), and it’s probably something I would not buy again today,  but I think it looks nice and it fills a small gap in my wardrobe repertoire, so I’ve held onto it for all these years.  You’ve probably seen me wear these Lemaire twist seam pants a few times already, but I cannot gush enough about how comfortable they feel, seriously.  These are hands down my most comfortable pair of pants.  The denim is buttery soft and the cut hugs but does not constrict in anyway.  They are expensive, but if you ever catch it on sale or find them secondhand, I would highly recommend going for it (and then tailoring them to your height because Lemaire pants tend to run very long).

What were you up to this weekend?  On Saturday we went to a matinee showing of the new PT Anderson film starring Daniel Day Lewis, The Phantom Thread.  It’s supposedly Daniel Day Lewis’s last film before he enters retirement and like most of his movies, it was really good!  Watch the trailor here.  It’s a dark unconventional love story about a master dress designer played by Day Lewis and “his muse”.  The characters are complex and the story unfolds in a refreshingly subtle manner.  Highly highly recommend.  (addendum:  The movie was really amusing to me also because Daniel Day Lewis looks strikingly similar to my psychoanalyst (I was in analysis a couple years ago).. his hair, demeanor, voice.. all of it, except for the attitude. Day Lewis’s character is anal and downright mean. My analyst on the other hand, had a kind, gentle attitude.)

everlane winter long puffer 2018-02-19 at 11.44.46 AM

In other news, I slacked a lot on work outs during the week.  Mainly because I got a keratin treatment to tame my wild hair and it required no washing for 3 days.  I really like the way my hair feels now.  It still has it’s texture and volume, but is like 50% smoother.  I went to Salon Riz in NYC because its the only salon that seemed to offer a light version of keratin treatments.  And the price ($200) seemed reasonable compared to the usual 400 dollar price tag in NYC.  To my surprise I was lucky enough to get the owner Mike to do my hair.  He’s an adorable scruffy Lebanese guy who had so much warmth and character.  The salon itself is very warm and home-like, and feels high end without any of your usual NYC pretention and snobbery.  Highly recommend that place if you are in the area.  But anyway over the weekend I started Barre3 back up again, and while balancing on one leg for one of the poses, I tweaked my left knee, and now every time there’s impact on that knee, it hurts.  I hope this isn’t the start of a bad knee.  Fingers crossed.  I’m going to focus on more upper body this week to let it heal.

OK, so back to this outfit.  Before I left the house to walk Freddy, I threw on my new replacement puffer and a pair of I-Don’t-Give-A-Fuck-socks-and-Birks.  It was warm enough today to keep the puffer open like this, which is my favorite way to wear it.

So as you may know, Everlane sent me a replacement long winter puffer after I emailed them about the button breaking apart on my old (first generation) long puffer.  The new puffer comes with a few upgrades that I’m enjoying now.  For the price, I think it’s a really good value actually, but it’s not without its flaws.  Here are all the ways the new version out performs the old puffer:

  • The hood is larger — The hood is larger and more resistant to being knocked down by wind.  There’s also an interior drawstring that can be tightened around the neck.
  • More pockets — The old version had two exterior pockets and one zip interior pocket (that got stuck often!).  The new version has 4 large exterior pockets and one buttoned interior pocket.  The pocket placement though is a bit awkward.  The side pockets are a bit too high to use as hand warmers.  The flap pockets are at a better height for hand warming but its vertical orientation and non lined interior make them not the best for hand warming.  I’m finding myself using the flap pockets for hand warming anyway because the height is right.
  • Warmer — The new version is much warmer.  I start overheating within a couple minutes of coming indoors.  Above 37 degrees outside, and I’ll have to wear it unzipped to stay at a comfortable temperature.
  • Better zipper — the newer versions have a double zipper, that can be unzipped from the bottom which allows you to create more wiggle room for your legs or reach into your pant pockets if you need to.  The old version always got caught on the loose fabric around the zipper but the new version has the fabric stitched down to avoid getting caught in the zipper.  Nonetheless, the zipper is NOT smooth going all the way and seems to get stuck on something invisible around the pocket area.  It usually unsticks with some tugging. This might be a defect that is unique to the particular coat that I received though.  I do like that the zipper is a matte black.  In my not so humble opinion, I think glossy metallic hardware on puffers can look kind of tacky, especially the kind with atrocious branding all over (*ahem, Michael Kors).
  • Puffy-er — The new version is bulkier.  I wished I had sized down to an XS for this reason.  There is an option to cinch it at the waist with an interior string, but I prefer not to.  I like a straighter silhouette.  Straight looks modern I think. And whenever I see puffer jackets with a super cinched in waist it gives me the impression that there is too much concern over appearing skinny, and that just screams of a conventional desperation for thinness, when for god’s sake, it’s a puffer, so who cares!

Puffers can be really expensive, so if you are in need of a high quality, no non-sense puffer, that is extremely warm, and don’t want to spend a lot of money, I would recommend this one.  I think for the price, it’s going to be hard to find better quality, but if you can spend more, you could probably find better options.

[outfit:  very old Target quilted long sleeve, Lemaire twist pant, Levi’s socks, Arizona Birkenstocks, Everlane long puffer]

outfit: dynamic pleats

ootd2018-02-15 at 8.48.18 PM

I wore this outfit to work today. It was about 51 degrees F. It’s my second time wearing this pre-owned Jil Sander’s pleated skirt.  It’s a heavy weight knit material with an intricate ribbed / pleated structure.  The design is really smart.  I don’t know how one even dreams up structure like this and then executes it so finely.  But leave it up to a German minimalist fashion designer to do it.  When I walk, the pleats and triangle shapes bounce up and down, making this otherwise pared down gray skirt, dynamic and interesting. But when I stand still, it lays almost completely flat.  It feels like a sweater and pulls on to your waist like one too.  I was very close to re-selling it though, because at the time I received it a few months ago, I didn’t have true black leggings and shoes that I felt paired nicely with the skirt, but now with my new leggings and HOPP oxfords, I can put together modest preppy outfits with a big range of tops.  Something told me this skirt was special enough to hold onto even though I went 3 months without wearing it.  My closet just needed some additional adjustments to make it work.

In other news:  Everlane sent me a replacement puffer coat today.  I’ll post a proper review of it soon.  Need to road test it first.  Stay tuned!

[outfit:  *everlane ribbed wool/cashmere turtleneck, *jil sander skirt, in touch made in usa organic cotton leggings, hopp studio oxfords, baggu crossbody; *=pre-owned]

A wallet upgrade + what I got for V-day.

square zip wallet everlane 2018-02-14 at 5.59.35 PM

I came home to an Everlane package at my doorstep today.  I used store credit to purchase the square zip wallet to replace my old unstructured leather pouch from Madewell.  Here’s a picture of what my old wallet looked like.  As you can see, the fabric on the interior is filthy.  It’s a stained a yellowish green! (your eyes are not playing tricks on you).

square zip wallet everlane 2018-02-14 at 5.58.31 PM

I emptied everything out of my old wallet and transferred them to the new wallet.  I decluttered out two credit cards (that I never used) and stored them away in a drawer.  Now there’s only one credit card in my wallet (the one with the lowest APR and best rewards points).  In addition, I’m carrying my state ID, subway card, and debit card.  I stored my health and dental insurance cards in the hidden pocket behind the coin purse.  There’s a few quarters in the coin pocket and some cash in the cash slot.  The cash slot is a bit stiff right now but maybe it will soften up with use.

square zip wallet everlane 2018-02-14 at 5.58.41 PM

As for the wallet itself, my immediate reaction when I opened the box was “wow, so pretty!”.  The silver color was less tacky than I feared it might be.  It’s very mirror-like, doesn’t really look like leather but it is?. The silver is semi matte, enough to look almost like a neutral. I love the compactness and structure.  The zipper is decent but could be a bit smoother, but that doesn’t bother me much.  I also don’t like how prominent the branding is on the front of the wallet. What bothered me the most about this wallet is how easily it scratches.  I noticed several squiggly scratches on the back side within the first 10 minutes of owning this damn wallet, WTF!!?  The only thing I did was fill it with cards and place it on the table to photograph for you guys.  At this rate, the entire surface will be full of scratches by the end of the month.  It’s almost a deal breaker for me but I like it enough.  That and the fact that I used store credit, means that I will grin and bear with it.  If I was paying with new money, I think I would’ve returned it for the scratches alone.  I wish it was available in black leather, but no, Everlane can’t seem to ever get their inventory right to stock up on enough black items.  Why is it so hard for them to predict that black will be the most popular color?!

There are many versions of this wallet from other brands like the iconic one from Comme des Garcons, cuyana, and baggu.  If store credit did not factor into this equation, I would’ve gone for the baggu version, for its discreet branding, the fact that they are a local NYC company, seems to be the best value out of the four.

And finally, for V-day, the BF gifted me un-dyed linen bed sheets! I had mentioned linen sheets a while back but didn’t think he’d actually buy them! Feeling very lucky and grateful for him and the sheets. It’s seriously the best material gift I ever received!  For him, I gifted him a 100% cotton long sleeved gray T-shirt after he mentioned his desire to bring back the whole long sleeved T-shirt look from the 90’s.  I have to agree with him.  They are very flattering on guys.

a few good links


  • I recently discovered a blog called “The Petite Pear Project”, dedicated to writing about getting dressed as a pear shaped petite woman.  I admire the narrow focus of her blog (some of the best blogs focus narrowly on one topic, and do it well).  I liked her new post on the issue of variable sizing across clothing brands, here.
  • I was moved by this Racked article about one woman’s experience of guilt over getting dressed in expensive clothes against her background of starting out poor. Having been between two classes my entire life, I can’t get dressed without thinking about class politics and feeling guilty about finances too.
  • And for those of you who are physicians or future physicians, I discovered this great new blog by Wall Street MD.  He wrote a very concise and clear article on the importance of disability insurance recently.  He personally answered a lot of my questions through e-mail.  The other day I listened to an episode of Dave Ramsey and was horrified by the bad advice he gave one poor physician who was in a deep hole of student loan debt that seemed insurmountable with her relatively small income.  At least in that episode, he was not up to date with the nuances of the student loan forgiveness programs and basically gave her advice that would cost her hundreds of thousands of dollars! I’m disturbed by how many people might have gone down a path of financial ruin by following his shallow advice.  The White Coat Investor wrote a letter to Dave Ramsey to call him out on it.  I think finally Ramsey has updated his knowledge, but for years he was giving out bad info.  This does not give me much confidence in his advice beyond some of his simpler points of paying down debt and tracking your expenses.  I want to be better informed about these personal finance gurus, so next on my reading list is this book, Pound Foolish:  The Dark Side of the Personal Finance Industry.

[image:  Fan pattern on cloth at the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum]