outfit: textural

vince sweater | elizabeth suzann linen tilda pants

This outfit was all about texture. It kept me warm except when the cold wind hit me. I probably should be better about wearing base layers under knits, for wind and sweat protection. I had this exact thought the other day and then, as if the internet was reading my mind, I was shown an ad for the NUMI under shirt. Have any of you guys tried it? I’m intrigued but $59 is pretty steep for what it is.

Anyone else listen to the M.M. Lafleur How We Built This podcast? I’ve never owned anything from that brand but after listening to that episode, I’m curious to see if their professional women’s clothing lives up to the claims. A lot of their styles are more conservative than what is required at my workplace, but I do like their tapered trousers. If you’ve tried M.M. Lafleur before, what are your thoughts? Yay or nay?

I’ve been doing a bit of research on Lion’s Mane mushrooms lately. Aside from its potential neuroprotective properties, I’ve heard they taste like crab meat. Strangely, the day I decided to go to the farmer’s market to look for them with little hopes of actually finding them, a brand new mushroom vendor had set up shop selling lion’s mane and 6 other rotating varieties of exotic edible mushrooms!

two lion’s mane mushrooms and heirloom garlic head

My mind nearly exploded. I’m so lucky to have access to these beautiful mushrooms! I decided to pan sear them in an herb/garlic/earth balance (vegan butter) mixture. They were delicious! I definitely want to keep experimenting with lion’s mane recipes. I’m thinking of adding them to Japanese shabu shabu next time with a scallion sesame dipping sauce. yum!!

10 thoughts on “outfit: textural

  1. I have a NUMI and, somewhat begrudgingly, love it. It’s spendy but I can’t find anything that comes close! I love the sweat protection and fact that I don’t have to tuck in another layer.


  2. OMG those mushrooms look incredible, I’ve never heard of them, thanks for sharing! The universe must definitely be listening to you right now with the mushrooms appearing just when you wanted to find them (and the ad for the undershirt)!


  3. I was also just shown an ad on Instagram for the Numi undershirt. I don’t think I’ve written recently about being their target customer/being on the sweatier side of average, either, but alas, it is an issue, particularly when I dress in business formal.

    I’ve tried on and bought a fair bit of MM. LaFleur. For me, it’s only okay and not really worth the price, but I think part of my impression is because a lot of their items are particularly unsuitable for my body shape (busty, short and short of leg), so it was never going to work anyway. I was most intrigued by their dresses, but most of them don’t come close to fitting me off the rack, so it was really difficult to find anything I’d consider buying.


    1. we are the same target audience I suppose. I noticed a lot of their dresses were body-con like and not modern enough for my taste. Even with a more traditional figure, I don’t think I’d feel comfortable wearing those tight dresses at work.


  4. I own a handful of pieces from MM LaFleur and they’re all great. Easy to wear/care for, and seem to have good resale potential. But, I do rely on them mostly for business formal. I impulse bought a suit during a personal shopping appointment at their NYC location because it was unbelievably flattering. Have never regretted it!

    I’ve been using Uniqlo airism as a base layer. The Numi is intriguing but I’m curious if it’s worth the price difference.


  5. I tried some MM LaFleur dresses at Crossroads (the one in San Jose had quite a few) but the length was super unflattering (cut right at mid calf). The materials were decent and stretchy and the rest of the dress was pretty flattering. I think they’re made for tall people so you might have to do quite a bit of altering of the pants.


    1. I too felt that a lot of their dresses wouldn’t work for my shape, being so form fitting and for tall people. But again it’s geared toward people who have to dress that way for work, so hard to criticize.


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