outfit: I can identify with (+skincare)

outfit: secondhand ralph lauren silk top | jesse kamm ranger pants | APC totally tote bag | madewell sling back flats

I decided to quietly celebrate Chinese New Year by dusting off my one and only Chinese knot button silk top from Ralph Lauren that I bought secondhand ages ago. I never really wore it because it made me feel like a caricature and kind of foreign to myself. But I felt comfortable in it worn in this modern way, tucked and with the top button open.

For New Year’s weekend, I had dinner with my family, did some furniture shopping for my brother’s house, and visited the Brentwood Country mart in hopes of trying on the Montana slingback sandals at the James Perse store. They didn’t actually carry the sandals I wanted to try on, but I tried a similar pair with identical soles in the store and decided that if the sandals I really wanted ever went on sale online, I’d buy it right away, but they were probably not worth it at full price. They have arch support but not as much as Birkenstocks.

outfit: everlane recashmere vintage crew | muji wide leg sweat pants | vince sandals

I changed into something more comfortable to run errands. I’ve been wearing these wide leg sweatpants a lot to walk the dog. They are easy to slip on and off, much easier than leggings, and have critically important pockets for my keys and phone.

This sweater is an example of the shrinking problem I’ve had with laundering my sweaters at home. I’m still able to wear it with high wasted pants, but it’s still a bit too small, and not something I could wear at work, because if I raise my arms, my belly would certainly hang out.

Right next to the James Perse store at the Country Mart is the Doen store, which was decorated beautifully by the way, and the clothing, so romantic. Mostly not my style, because I don’t think I could pull off the whole Victorian thing, which harkens back to a particular era, place, and type of woman that I don’t identify with.

But I did fall in love with this blue night gown and bought it. I wanted something loose, easy to sleep in, that would not be too revealing sans bra. When deciding to buy it I thought: I’m always suppressing my playful side with what I wear to work, so what the heck, I should have some fun with what I wear at home, especially to bed.

I went into the Jenni Kayne store as well. I’d only heard of them through Elaine’s post, but hadn’t ever stepped foot in the real store. It too, was beautifully put together, but I didn’t feel compelled to buy anything especially because their aesthetic was similar enough to Vince, which I already subscribe to. I did think their shearling clogs were really cute though! If I lived in a very cold place, I’d be tempted to buy them, and wear them out with socks to walk the dog.

In other news, I’ve decided to use retin-A again. I started for a few weeks then stopped for months because of laziness, but I’m noticing some smile lines and figured I should go back on it. I’m using the lowest strength .025%, only once per week, diluted with moisturizer for starters. And will work my way up gradually. I think a lot of people quit using retin A or think they can’t because they over-do it in the beginning, but retin-A is really the most efficacious anti aging product out there and has a long track record for safety. The second best product is far behind.

I’ve also become religious about sunblock, which is absolutely necessary if you use Retin A. I’ve tried probably 7 brands of sunscreens in half a year. Many I really enjoyed. I’m thinking of doing a sunscreen review post in the near future if any of you guys are interested.

12 thoughts on “outfit: I can identify with (+skincare)

  1. Please do the sunscreen post! Glad you are playing around with nightwear. I am too – trying to find something that makes me a little more inspired than my current setup. I really love the sweatpants outfit, I wouldn’t have realized they are sweatpants. Envious of your shopping options in the area. I live in Iowa so it’s all online for me.


  2. As above, these outfits are *chef’s kiss*, and I continue to be in awe of your sense of texture and color (funny to say that here, with the neutrals/lack of color, which is even harder to get right, I think).


  3. Chiming in that I’d like to read your opinions on the sunscreens as well. I’ve been thinking lately I need to up my general sunscreen routine but I really dislike most of them. The zinc can be very drying. Add that to aging skin that already needs as much moisture as it can get and it becomes a chore to find a sunscreen I don’t actively hate.
    I really like the night gown you got. I looked at the Doen site and 20 years ago I would’ve coveted every item on there. Now… not so much but some of the sweaters are tempting.


    1. Feel ya there. There are a ton of bad sunscreens out there. I’ve gotten pretty picky with the ones I select and among those, I have some favorites. Funny you say that about Doen because when I went in to the store I thought, oh this is like a high class anthropologie, which I used to save up to shop at.. 20 yr old me would’ve wanted everything but wouldn’t have been able to afford anything. Now I feel that style is too much fuss.

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  4. Hi! Wondering what you think of the JK rangers now that you’ve had them for a few years. Would you recommend? Are they worth the price? Thanks!


    1. I still really enjoy them aesthetically with tucked or cropped tops. But the fabric is not forgiving to any weight gain so I’d make sure to size up a bit or to avoid altogether if your weight tends to fluctuate.


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