outfit: chit chat

sezane top | apc shorts | marc fisher chang loafers | lo and sons pearl bag

Let’s just pretend like I haven’t been MIA around here and dive right back into outfit-talk. I’ve been painfully uninspired and boring lately, repeating the same cropped trouser and light knit sweater combo, day in and day out. A couple times last week, excited about the new Whitney album, a sudden surge of spontaneity went through me while getting dressed. I decided to snap a photo to celebrate the moment.

Here I’m wearing a classic striped cotton top by Sezane. Too bad it shrunk severely in the dryer just before I wore it here. It still fits but feels tight around the shoulders. I recommend it, but advise strictly air drying. Another new favorite of mine are these Marc Fisher loafers that were on sale at Bloomingdale’s. The leather is buttery soft and the shoe on the whole feels light and easy. They have a faux structured appearance, being a little more formal than a ballet flat without compromising on comfort.

sezane knit sweater | muji knit sweater skirt | APC loafers

Here I am, with bad lighting, in another Sezane top. It’s got flowers! Who am I?! Although totally my style, I’m not sure if I’d wear this outfit to work. It wouldn’t break any office dress codes, but I almost feel like too much of my personality would show through. I can’t be bothered for even the slightest workplace chit chat about what I’m wearing. That sounds very intense but that’s the state of things at the moment. Too many people want to talk to me or need something from me at any given time. I might reserve this outfit for an administrative day with predictably little human interaction.

Things on the whole are getting better though.

On a positive note, for those who are interested in music, let’s end this post with a throwback video of No Woman by Whitney. Turns out I’m a big sucker for the male falsetto and singers who drum. Any music making you feel happy at the moment?

9 thoughts on “outfit: chit chat

  1. That jumper is so pretty with that skirt and shoes! And I really like Whitney (I hadn’t heard any of their music before,embarrassing) but I’m adding them to my play list!


  2. I love that Sezane sweater! Come to think of, even though I enjoy more fun, whimsical clothing (and it wouldn’t even be that out of place at my office on casual Fridays), I also have become less likely to wear those pieces to work. (And when things are really hectic, I also have noticeably less energy for mixing in more interesting jewelry and things like that.)


  3. Hi there! Just found your blog via googling some ES pieces and love your wardrobe. I was wondering what you’re measurements are as many pieces I have been wanting to get look great on you and think we might have similar measurements. Many thanks in advance. ❤


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