outfit: sweater stock

sezane sweater | lemaire twist pant | born trang sandal

Ever since moving back to LA, lightweight sweaters have been on heavy rotation, so I decided to stock up. I’m wearing one of three sweaters I received from Sezane recently. All three were keepers. I’ve never ordered anything from Sezane before, so it was a bit of a crap shoot. A lot of their styling is a tad too flirty and feminine for my taste but they do carry some casual tomboy pieces that are up my alley.

atm slub schoolboy tee | uniqlo linen shorts | born trang sandal

And here I’m wearing my second ATM slub tee in black. It may look like just any other T shirt, but the uneven knit, breath-ability, and drape is like no other T shirt I’ve tried. I prefer these slightly over my John Patrick Organic and James Perse T shirts, but they are all great and very close in ranking.

These bun twister hair pins are amazing. Where have they been all my life? My default hair style is up in a bun, and the only way I’ve gotten my crazy wild hair to stay securely in a bun is with hair ties, but hair ties can make buns too cinched. These twisters on the other hand, hold the bun strongly in place while creating a looser more relaxed shape.

In other news, today I watched the new Ali Wong movie Always Be My Maybe on Netflix. I went in with really low expectations and was pleasantly surprised that it was actually good and funny. Loved the Keanu cameo!

I’m looking forward to finally taking a mini vacation this weekend. I’ll be heading to Chicago for a few days with plans to see Snail Mail and Robyn in concert. I’ve never been to Chicago oddly enough. Excited to finally visit. Let me know if you have any recs for what to see or do.

Hope you all have a good week!

2 thoughts on “outfit: sweater stock

  1. I’m with you on the bun twisters – when my hair was long they were the only things that kept it in place! Love love love that sweater 🙂


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