outfit: comfort clothes, 1 sweatshirt, 2 sweatpants (+ golden milk)

This is what I wore this weekend. Truly, an IDGAF outfit combo. I’ve been putting in grueling 12 hour days lately. And on the weekends, I’ve been a shut in, studying for my subspecialty board exams. Oddly enough, it actually feels nice to get back to books. I’ve been dressed for maximum comfort and not apologizing for it.

I love all the coarse cotton clothing at Muji. I have one of their coarse cotton T shirts and this oversized sweatshirt. The little detail that makes this sweatshirt special is the extra wide ribbed hem that creates a subtle A line shape, letting it casually drape and allowing the body to feel ultra relaxed in it.

I’ve been obsessed with Golden Milk lately (it’s a mix of turmeric, ginger, probiotics, and ashwagandha). I drink it almost every night. The golden milk powder mix from MyKind is pretty good. Especially love it mixed in with warm barista almond milk from New Barn, a touch of raw honey, and freshly grated nutmeg. It tastes like a duller version of a chai latte, and feels relaxing at the end of the day. There are some studies showing that regular consumption of the main ingredients are good for cognitive function and combating stress. But even if it did nothing, I would still keep drinking it for the taste and sensual experience.

5 thoughts on “outfit: comfort clothes, 1 sweatshirt, 2 sweatpants (+ golden milk)

  1. Way cuter than my lounge clothes! Where are the wide-legged sweatpants from?
    Good luck on your board exams! I hope your workload lessens soon.

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  2. I’m curious about Muji’s coarse cotton tees. What do they mean by “coarse”? I don’t have a Muji anywhere near me so I can’t go to one to find out easily.
    I also am tempted to get one of their organic linen shirts and a cotton sweater.

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    1. coarse cotton has a dry slightly rougher texture than typical cotton, reminds me of the way thick men’s t shirts from the early 90s feels. I haven’t tried ordering online but the quality of all their clothes is at least decent, mostly very good especially at their price point.

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  3. Do check on the source of your turmeric. I just found out from a friend that there is a lot of lead added to turmeric from India because it intensifies the color. Better to buy US or European sourcing.

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