outfit: 3D

Ministry of Supply 3D printed sweater (size large) | pre-owned Madewell straight chinos | DV espadrille sandals

Update: I’m going to return the shoes in the previous post. They are beautiful and look cool, but they were difficult to slip on without unbuckling and buckling, and the soles were a bit heavy. I try to avoid returning things and never buy things with the intention of returning, but sometimes you have to. Oh well. The search goes on.

In this outfit, I’m wearing a 3D printed (or knitted I should say) sweater. I’ve never bought anything from this tech-ybrand before, and I feel like a true “elder millennial” for doing so. MOS focuses on professional attire for men. There were only a handful of options for women in the store and I bought the only two knitted items, this sweater and a sleeveless top.

The sizing runs small, so I bought this sweater in large to achieve a looser fit. And I bought the sleeveless top in medium. For reference, I normally wear a size small in most tops.

The materials are blended with synthetics, something I’m usually not a fan of, but the trade off is being machine washable and more durable. I’m curious to see how it ages and whether it will start pilling like most of my other sweaters.

The knit has a nice dry texture and is very tightly woven; it feels substantial while also being thin enough to tuck into pants. Because they are knitted with a 3D “printer”, there aren’t any seams, with subtle changes in the pattern throughout. I like all the little details.

Today, I read a little more of that book You Are What You Wear, and while I enjoy the book as a guilty pleasure, I found myself bored by 50% of it. Mainly the parts where the author gives advice about how to solve wardrobe problems. I’m interested in the psychology behind our clothing choices, good and bad ones, and much less interested in the advice, which for someone who already reads a lot of fashion blogs, feels rather trite.

I used to read blogs that gave fashion advice, eg. posts like “5 Rules to Dressing for a Job Interview” or “10 Ways to Look Taller”. At some point, posts like that lost my interest and I have since unfollowed them all. Maybe I was getting annoyed by all the click baiting going on. But I think at a certain stage, I no longer wanted (or needed) advice and simply wanted inspiration and authenticity.

2 thoughts on “outfit: 3D

  1. I’m curious how well the sweater will hold up over time. I’m fascinated by tech stuff like that as well. Your necklace is also very pretty.


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