outfit: my hair is officially long

Eileen Fisher cotton crew | Vince 100% cotton jeans | Birkenstock Mayari sandals

What a dud this Mueller report ended up being….

Anyway, let’s get back to getting dressed. I added this pair of rather “normal” looking jeans to my wardrobe this week.

I’m officially over skinny jeans. At this point, I own only one pair of jeans that might qualify as “skinny” (seen in the previous post), but even those pants aren’t 100% skinny because they aren’t skin tight around the ankles. Skinny jeans often have a way of feeling and looking cheap. I blame it on “jeggings”. By proxy, they gave skinny jeans a bad rep. Lately, they are feeling kind of dated. In cold climates however, I can see where they still serve a purpose — to fit snugly into boots and balance out top heavy winter outfits.

My hair is getting long, isn’t it? I’m trying to grow it out. I haven’t had long hair since I was a kid. Historically my hair has been medium to very short. And I’ve experimented with bangs a lot in my 20’s, but my wiser, older self is over that. I think I’m finally settling into the right hair cut for me. A simple long style parted down the middle, or put into a simple bun. No crazy layers, no highlights, no bangs. Not going to try to be “that girl” with the edge-y hair-do, which at this stage of my life would risk falling into mom-cut territory. It’s a slippery slope.

Today, I treated myself to a Mint Mojito coffee at Philz cafe, which I highly recommend if you ever find yourself in SF or LA. During the week, I usually brew my own coffee and drink it black.

Been really enjoying listening to old episodes of the Still Processing podcast, particularly the two part series “Asian Americans talk about racism, and we listen“.

That’s all I got. I wish the weekends were longer. It flies by so fast. Every Sunday night, I find myself mourning the end of the weekend. I dislike that feeling and have to figure out a way to get over it.

12 thoughts on “outfit: my hair is officially long

  1. You look so good. I’m with you on the hair. My equivalent is shoulder length. Straight cut, no layers, middle to side part, that’s it. Anytime I tried to have it longer or shorter it didn’t work. Too fine for long hair and my face is too chubby for short. Ha. There’s something about settling into your style that’s really satisfying. I think you have a good pt. on the jeans too.


  2. When I last shopped for jeans (I was mainly interested in skinny ones because once I get in a comfort zone with a pant silhouette, I stay there), most of the skinny jeans on the market, even the ones from fairly expensive brands (~$200/pair) were more jeggings than jeans (a lot of synthetic fabric and elastane or other stretch, very little cotton).

    Philz mint mojito iced coffees are the best. I wish Philz would expand to NYC so I could have it here. Thank you for the podcast recommendation, I think those episodes would be right up my alley. (Such a complicated topic…)


    1. I did skinny jeans for 15 years straight. I don’t think they are going anywhere but I have noticed a slight shift. Hope you enjoy the Podcast and would be curious to read your thoughts if you ever decide to share.


      1. I had a chance to listen to both parts of the podcast while I was commuting. I definitely really appreciate that they gave this a platform, and talked to a lot of Asian-Americans with different perspectives. (I almost wish the series had been longer, so that some of the people they invited to participate could have more time to talk.)

        It definitely makes me appreciate even more how complicated Asian-American identity is. Even just among the other Asian-Americans of East Asian descent who spoke, I have a lot of differences of opinion about a lot of the things they raised. And I want to be a respectful and good listener, of course, but some of the differences of opinion can quickly become very controversial! (That’s totally something I’ve seen in the brief times of my life when I’ve been part of Asian-American student organizations, particularly in law school when we did some Asian-American-centric public service and advocacy work.)

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  3. Um, I want this entire outfit. I have the Mayaris, but I love that sweater and the cut of the jean is exactly what I need to replace a pair of stretchy straights that just didn’t live longer than 18 months with heavy wear (because cheap-but-not-inexpensive-jeans will be the bane of the 20teens, I swear).

    I hear you on the skinnies and I have the body type where so many straight (Everlane included) look skinny on me and I’m not feeling it. My favorite pair of jeans right now is from Old Navy, and I’m feeling really mixed things about that. Looking up the Vince ones now…

    Our hair is about the same length right now. I have a narrow/rectangular face and center parts are NOT my friend, but long, simple hair definitely is (just side parted). I have cut to my collarbone a few times and I always feel dowdy (I’m 40 and curvier and softer now because of babies). Sometimes I imagine a wavy bob, but I think that will have to wait until I’m older and my hair is thinner. There’s just too much now and one-length long is actually the easiest and most attractive, and now that I’m getting older, it doesn’t skew “juvenile” or unprofessional the same way it did 10 years ago… (or maybe I care less which is ABSOLUTELY possible). I go back and forth on bangs. Trendy bangs and I are not friends, but a side-swept heavy bang is nice. That said, it’s also more work, so I’m not feeling the itch to try them again soon.


    1. I don’t think they still sell these Vince jeans though.. I got them on the final sale rack. I hear Old Navy actually has decent pants, good quality for the price, but haven’t been into one in many years… I might give it a go one of these days.


  4. Skinny jean’s- what works for me is the 98% cotton 2% polyurethane combo. They definitely feel like jeans. But it has to be 2% PU. Most of the R&Bs have that.

    As for the weekend being over too soon, early retirement might be an option. I am absorbing ChooseFI and Afford Anything podcasts and trying to move in that direction. Would love to hear if anyone here us interested and heard of it…


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