outfit: tea time

Cuyana pima cotton turtleneck | Vince corduroy pants | Famolare honeybuckle wedges

I wore this outfit today, but I don’t have much to say about it.

For various reasons, I’ve been fantasizing about jumping ship this week. Been having urges to move somewhere very… different. I read one of those silly articles about affordable places to live based on your astrological sign. I’m a gemini, and the place for me is supposedly Salt Lake City, Utah. Not so sure about that one, but we were toying with the idea of moving into the boonies of Montana, Texas or the Northwest.

In other news, today I made this NY Times recipe for creamy white beans. It was easy and really good. It paired well with sauteed kale, store bought rotisserie chicken, and crusty bread. I’ve met my quota of cooking 3 recipes from my subscription this month, so I guess that means I’ll keep at it.

I’ve also been experimenting with Holy Basil herbal tea. It’s used in India as an adaptogen. Some people say it helps with stress and insomnia. I’m not so sure it’s doing much, but it tastes good, so I’ll keep drinking it every night until I finish the box and see what happens.

2 thoughts on “outfit: tea time

  1. Is it really weird that I want to take that quiz? I remember a website that went around eons ago called “Find Your Spot” and it declared Corvallis OR as the right spot for me. Since I hate extreme temps, love water, and grew up in a town of a little over 100K people, and like to ride my bike, Corvallis sits in a little corner of my brain forevermore.

    I live in Missouri and fantasize about living elsewhere pretty much everyday. But employment and family ground me quickly! Also, it’s affordable here and all that. And St. Louis has good food.

    I love those sandals!


    1. Interesting.. I’ve only lived in NYC and LA, which are both great cities of course, but there are times where I yearn for something just the opposite extreme. It sure is expensive to live here and sometimes I feel its a big waste because I am not fully taking advantage the city, being more and more of a homebody these days. Affordability is super important.


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