weekend in review: shoes for a hike, every plant in my apartment, and a good recipe.

Which one is better?

The BF told me I needed “real” hiking shoes. We enjoy the occasional hike with our dog, but I’ve never owned proper hiking shoes. I was warned to fight my instincts to buy a shoe that was sleek and pretty. It had to be function over form this time around, ugh. I tried on almost every shoe in REI before narrowing it down to these two. I think the gray one on the left looks nicer, but the brown one on the right was more comfortable and provided more support around my ankles.

I went for the brown ones. They’re pretty hideous aren’t they? Oh well… I followed the advice to get them a half size bigger to allow room for my feet to grow. They’re so clunky, but not as bad as I imagined before trying them on. Look at that aggressive styling on the heels! They’re like rubber tires. These are going to last at least a decade!

I added a few plants to my apartment this weekend and thought I’d give ya’ll a tour of all my plants. I’m still learning how to keep them alive, but here goes.

mammy croton

Here’s my apartment’s very first plant. As I’ve mentioned before, it had 10x more leaves when I bought it. The thing was beautiful. Over 3 months, most of its leaves turned brown and fell off. I think maybe I over watered it? I’m going to let it dry out and hope it bounces back but it may be too far gone by now.

rubber plant

This rubber plant is a recent addition. It’s adorable, isn’t it? I wiped down the leaves with a damp cloth and placed it near the window. Rubber plants are supposed to be pretty resilient so I’m optimistic about this one. I’ll have to rotate it every month to prevent it from leaning too far one way. The cement pot was purchased at Nebraska Furniture Mart in Texas.

I’m not sure what this plant is called. But the guy at the store said it enjoys indirect sunlight and is also pretty difficult to kill. The ceramic pot was purchased from Studio McGee. There’s no drainage hole at the bottom unfortunately, so I covered the bottom of the pot with pebbles to prevent root rot.

eucalyptus bouquet

I found this beautiful bouquet at the farmer’s market going for only $6. It’s a form of eucalyptus. I love that subtle shade of faded green and how the leaves drape. It should last 2-3 weeks. The vase is an oldie from TJ Maxx

English Thyme

And now for my attempt at an herb garden…. Here’s my english thyme in a Studio McGee pot. The leaves used to be bright green, but now there’s lots of white speckles and browned leaves. Not sure what that means, but the thyme still tastes good when cooked.


They say you can’t kill mint. They are incredibly robust. But my mint began growing these white speckles on them. Again, I’m not sure what it is, but it’s probably not good? I’ve pruned a few rogue branches that bent way out of shape in it’s effort to catch more sunlight. This is my 2nd mint plant (I killed the first one). I’m not sure if it will last, and if this one dies, I’m giving up on mint. I think it needs more direct sunlight and there’s no place in or around our apartment that gets direct sunlight.


Here’s my dear parsley plant. It’s been through a few phases of yellowing. I’ve trimmed off most of the dead and yellowing leaves. It seems to have bounced back nicely. I used a bit of it for pasta last night. The pot was purchased at Nebraska Furniture mart in TX as well.

sage and chives

This used to be a pot full of chives, but it died off a few months ago. I trimmed it down completely, and it’s just now starting to grow back. There’s 3-4 new sprouts coming up. My sage plant, in the back, is holding up nicely. It seems to withstand a lot of abuse. The leaves are smaller than I’d like. I might re-pot it in a larger pot to encourage growth.

In other news, I recently discovered a nice co-op organic grocery store nearby. It inspired me to get back into cooking again. I’ve had luck with many New York Times recipes in the past and decided to subscribe to their recipes page, for $5 per month. It’s a bit of an experiment for now. If I don’t end up cooking at least 3 meals from it per month, I’m going to cancel my subscription. The first thing I cooked from the NYT was this mushroom stew recipe. It was relatively simple to make and very good. I like that the NYT community is active in the comments section, providing helpful tips and reviews of the recipes. How about you? Have you tried any good recipes lately?

10 thoughts on “weekend in review: shoes for a hike, every plant in my apartment, and a good recipe.

  1. The white spots on your plants (though tough to tell from the photos) is probably from a sucking insect—spidermites, whiteflies, etc…

    Hiking shoes are never really cute, but your feet will thank you in the long run!


    1. oh thank you, I was hoping someone would know the cause. I wonder if it will be a losing battle. If I wash off the bugs, will they just come back again and again, being located outside and all. It may not be worth the effort anymore.


  2. I tried to grow some mint and other herbs and they also got white spots on them. This happened several times (with different plants) and I gave up. I am by no means an expert, but I tried to do some research and it was possibly fungus.


    1. I recently threw out a rosemary plant that developed powdery mildew. It was a fuzzy white. I think the mint has more of a flat white appearance, which the internet says is most likely due to mites. I may just have to give up on it.. don’t want to deal w/ spraying the plant down w/ various treatments.


  3. All hiking shoes are ugly but they do help. I’ve had mine for nearly 10 years and they are still good.
    The third plant with the green and white leaves is called a Pearl and Jade Pothos. I have one as well. They don’t like too much sun in general- indirect light is fine. Only water when dry and you’ll be fine.


  4. Re: the NY Times, I’d say 80% of my recipes come from there! I love that they have weekly suggestions too. As much as I lam glad I have established recipes I can pretty much cook from memory, it’s nice to have some suggestions for when you’re feeling inspired to try something new or want to get out of a cooking rut. They’re always my first source when I have something specific in mind I want to cook but need a recipe, too. There’s so much noise on the internet, but I know their recipes will be well-vetted and tasty (and like you said, the comments can be super useful; oh plus you can add your own private comments for yourself if you are forgetful like me!).


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