outfit: comeback pants (+ my bedroom tour!)

old Madewell cotton slub tee | Vince corduroy culottes | Nike foam sandals

If these pants look familiar to you, you are not going crazy. I snapped a photo of them during a try on at Nordstrom’s last year when I didn’t end up buying them. At the time, I was trying to prioritize other types of clothes. I recall really loving them though, and was a little sad about walking away. They actually came back to mind a few times since then.

A few days ago I went to Nordstrom’s to buy a gift for a friend, and totally unexpectedly found these pants on the sale rack. They went from $225 to $89. A pretty good deal considering they are 100% cotton. There was only one left, and it was in my size! The decision was easy. I’ve already worn them twice this week. Usually these things hardly ever come full circle. It usually works the other way around. I fall in love with something. Buy it. Then a few weeks later I see that it’s now on sale for way less, then I kick myself for paying full price. My favorite thing about these pants are the deep pockets, both front and back.

In other news, the remaining furniture in our bedroom came in last week and now I can say the bedroom is mostly complete, and ready to share with you guys!

I decided to keep our bedroom very neutral and free of imagery. I’ve always had difficulty with falling asleep at a decent hour, so I make extra efforts to ensure the energy in the bedroom is peaceful, and that the things in it feel solid, dormant, and restful.

Some Feng Shui teachings advise keeping plants and water elements out of the bedroom, while others say plants are fine. For me, I associate plants with liveliness, growth, and energy– which I feel are counter to sleep, so I follow the no plants in the bedroom school of thought. I decided to not place anything above the headboard because of earthquakes in California. In the future, if I find a horizontal tapestry that I like, I might put it up there. But I also like the way the space looks blank.

All the furniture in here was pretty affordable. We found the bedframe at Allmodern.com. Everything else is from Target (nightstand, lamps). At these stores, the quality can be hit or miss, but if you pay attention to reviews and the materials used, you can find decent stuff. For furniture, I’m shopping at Target a lot because I can use an employee discount that someone in my family has lent me. When buying big ticket items, the savings have really added up.

The king size bed takes up almost the whole room, which is why you see my bed creep up into my OOTD photos. The bed is low to the floor too. My dog is predisposed to hip problems, and we wanted a bed that would be easy for him to use as he got older, and one that wouldn’t worsen his hips as he jumps off of the bed multiple times a day.

Across from our bed are two dressers, pushed up together to resemble one large dresser. My jewelry box is on one side and a large basket with some of my clothes are on the other side. I usually keep clothes that I wear around the house, like my leggings, t-shirts, and sweatpants in the basket so that I can change into them quickly after work.

Usually I feel bedrooms need huge rugs to pull everything together. I’ve been thinking about adding a rug in this room, but don’t want to spend a lot on it because most of it will be hidden under the bed anyway. So I might buy two smaller cheap rugs of the same solid color and push them together under the bed to give it the illusion of one giant rug. The hardest part will be deciding on the color… Any suggestions?

In upcoming posts, I’ll show you around the rest of my apartment. So stay tuned!

17 thoughts on “outfit: comeback pants (+ my bedroom tour!)

  1. Yay for the lucky sale rack find! And what a great discount too.

    I love your bedroom decor, it’s so nice and calm. Growing up in California, when I was very small, my parents gave me what sounded to me like a dire warning that we should never hang heavy wall decor or have a shelf holding anything above the bed, lest there be an earthquake and the items fall down and hit our heads. (Not that they’d ever think of decorating like that, so I’m not sure how the topic ever came up.) So even when I live in places that have no real earthquake risk, I still observe that rule, haha.


    1. actually, it’s a good rule to have whether or not you’re in an earthquake prone area… I’ve seen people hang heavy hard objects above the bed, that could fall down if the nail gave out, or a door slammed too hard. I can’t imagine one’s subconscious could fully relax with that literally above one’s head.


  2. oooh! A cream colored rug would look nice. But something bold like forest green or violet would be a nice contrast. The room looks great!!


  3. I love the look of your room! Soooo relaxing! I have my office and sleeping area all in one room so I can only dream of having such a calm and soothing space. I really love the bed, nightstands and lamps together. Would love to see the rest of your apartment soon!


  4. Your room looks very relaxing. The nightstands and lamps from Target look great too. You’re right – one needs to be careful about buying furniture items from Target due to quality issues. So far, we’ve only bought lamps, which seem to be safe. I keep seeing stuff from Allmodern pop up on blogs and I’m curious now what you think of their quality. We need a table in the living room, so I might take a look there.


  5. I’d go for something highly textured over colorful for the rug (though if you preferred color, I’d go for a blush pink – it’s an incredibly soothing color and itgoes nicely with the creams in your room).

    Given your limited floor space at the foot of your bed, I’d consider only doing runners on the side (something like two large sheepskin, maybe?) or faking a larger rug with a smaller rug that is primarily at the lower half of the bed coupled with two runner/larger rugs on the side that disguise the fact that the smaller rug isn’t actually as big as it “should” be.


  6. Hello! I was wondering if you could do an update about your experience with the magnesium glycinate supplement. After your initial post, I did some research, and I’m not sure which brand to try. Most seemed to go way beyond the recommended dose for women (325-345mg/ daily) and I even read some information about magnesium supplements being a risk due to contents of heavy metals like lead. I’m in information overload territory-lol! Any update would be appreciated! I would love to know which one you’re using and if you’ve noticed a difference in how you feel. Thank you!


    1. I use the KAL brand Magnesium Glycinate by neutraceuticals and take 400mg at bedtime. Some people take 2x that dose. The dose ranges are wide because healthy kidneys can easily eliminate excess magnesium. I would say that the positive effect is very subtle but noticeable on my sleep. I don’t know much about lead contamination. The industry is unregulated so it’s hard to give any reassurance there. If it’s made in the USA, that might be safer, but that’s still no guarantee.


      1. Thank you! Unfortunately, I have tried the Nature’s Vitality Calm drink at night in small doses and it definitely helps me sleep and relax, but it used Magnesium Citrate, which is known for having a laxative effect, so 😱. I’ll check out the KAL! Thanks again!

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