outfit: TGI-MLK-WKND

Muji blouse | Everlane slouchy trousers | Everlane day flats (old) | Lo and Son’s pearl bag

Thank god for MLK and this 3-day weekend!

This was an outfit I wore to work this week. Every thing I’m wearing here are of different colors (brown, green, gray), but the values are so close, it gives the outfit the illusion of monochrome. Something about monochrome instantly makes me feel put together.

Anywho… I’m trying to relax to the max these days. At any given time, I can easily be stressed out about something (usually having to do with work), so I have to catch myself and actively take my mind off things. It takes work to not think about work. ugh…

This week, I made an effort to watch movies on Netflix. I re-watched Good Will Hunting, which was not as good as I remembered. It did make me nostalgic for Elliot Smith songs though. Other movies I watched this week: I rewatched The Graduate (a classic that’s maybe overrated, but I do love the Simon and Garfunkel soundtrack), that new movie Private Life, about two NYC writers, in their late 40s trying to have kids (I really enjoyed it, highly recommend), and rewatched The Big Lebowski (It’s always a good fallback to lighten the mood. John Goodman is so good!).

I spent the rest of my free time decorating the walls and painting patio furniture. My next project is to finish up my herb garden. I’m waiting for a few terracotta planter pots that I ordered from Studio McGee (my favorite design studio, btw).

I’m also really enjoying the most recent Kacey Musgraves album. I don’t usually listen to country but this one is a real gem. My favorite songs are: “Lonely Weekend“, “Space Cowboy”, “Slow Burn”, and “Mother”. Her biggest hit is “High Horse”, but I actually don’t like that song; it’s a bit too pop for my taste. “Mother” is an interesting song, simply because there aren’t many songs written about mother-daughter relationships. But the song that lifts my mood and love singing along to the most is “Lonely Weekend”.

How about you? What are you doing to de-stress? Watched or listened to anything good lately?

p.s. I started taking magnesium glycinate 400mg twice a day. The BF takes it for migraines. I noticed that his mood was dramatically elevated after he took it, and I had read some things about it being beneficial for insomnia, chronic stress, and heart palpitations (all of which I have). Magnesium is benign and cheap, so I decided to try it. I’m one week into it, and have noticed that my sleep is improved. The glycinate form is important because the other forms cause diarrhea and aren’t absorbed as well.

6 thoughts on “outfit: TGI-MLK-WKND

  1. I really like the monochrome effect of this outfit! I was definitely really in need of a long weekend now, and am really glad to have been able to spend most of it relaxing and doing little things around the house.

    Hm, I’m intrigued by the magnesium glycinate, as I think I’d potentially benefit from it in a similar way that you do…


  2. I bought a bottle of magnesium glycinate a a few months ago and promptly forgot about it! I should probably start taking it, as I’m transitioning from a retail mgmt job where I worked nights and stayed up until 1am to a regular 8-5.


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