outfit: pre-school style

Black Crane linen top, secondhand Vince pants, old Everlane day flats

Ever since I was a little kid, I thought the key to good style was wearing an entire outfit within the same color family. 

I was the queen of head to toe monochrome outfits in preschool all the way up til the 3rd grade.  Something about monochrome felt cool.  It made me feel strong and big, like a super hero.

Then I got a little bit older, more self conscious, and it suddenly became tacky to wear all the same color.  Things became too “matchy-matchy”, yuck.  

I don’t know what’s happened, but I think I’m back on the monochrome train these days.  Except now I’m wearing grown up clothes.  Trousers and blouses in 100% natural fibers.

I snapped this OOTD in the morning.  As you can see my hair is still in beast mode.

I threw on my tan fleece jacket over top and was totally tan from head to toe.  I felt so lame and cool at the same time.

Today I discovered a new band named Camp Cope.  I’m really enjoying the song “How to Socialize and Make Friends“.  

There’s been a lot of good albums from female singer songwriters this year.  I wonder if it was a reaction to Trump that spurred on a whole lot of artistic expression from women especially.  Some of my favorite female vocals this year:  Snail Mail, Soccer Mommy, Julia Holter, Mitski, Camp Cope, U.S. Girls, Sophie, Boygenius, Robyn, and of course Let’s Eat Grandma.

2 thoughts on “outfit: pre-school style

  1. Thanks for the music recs. Snail Mail played at a free festival in my Chicago neighborhood this summer and I was blown away! Also, I appreciate your writing in this space even though I never comment.


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