outfits: sell some, buy some

vince ribbed flare cashmere crew | elizabeth suzann clyde pants | everlane day flats (old version)

I’m “on-call” this weekend, which means I’m working Friday night and all of Saturday and Sunday.  I have to be present during the day and could get called at home in the middle of the night.  I was called at 3am and 5am last night.  Then I woke up at 7am to go into work.  By 3pm I was out. 

When I got home from work today, there was still light out, so I was able to snap a couple photos.  A couple items I ordered from the Vince 25% off sale items sale arrived.  I’ve been admiring a few things from Vince lately after touching them in real life at Nordstroms, and have been stalking the sale page for some weeks.  Even the sale items are pretty expensive but with the 25% off, the prices were too good to pass up on. 

I sold a pair of shoes on Poshmark and my old laptop on eBay.  All in all, I earned a total of $800 from selling stuff this month, allowing me to spend a little more than usual on clothes.  

I ended up buying this gray cashmere sweater with slightly flared sleeves.  For the record, I HATE bell sleeves.  No offense to anyone who wears them but bell sleeves are just not me at all.  They feel too flirty and impractical.  But these sleeves are just barely flared and the sleeves don’t hang or bunch up very much when my arms are raised. 

I appreciate the thick neck line, slightly flared body, and tightly spun cashmere fibers.  I’m not big on cashmere.  I like how soft cashmere is as much as anybody else, but they can be so fussy to care for.  When I analyzed the close ups of this sweater, the knit didn’t look too delicate or fuzzy.  It looked like it would hold up relatively well in the gentle cycle of the washer.  

vince shrunken mock neck pullover made from fine gauge wool

I also bought this ribbed top made from fine gauge wool.  I don’t think I’ve ever owned anything with this type of fabric before.  The knit has a nice dry texture to it.  I’ll have to be careful not to get it snagged on anything.  The tag specifically warns you to be careful around jewelry and zippers.  Next time I wear this, I’ll probably not wear a sports bra.  BTW I’m wearing the Everlane bra here.  It’s a decent basic bra; nothing amazing; good when you need light support.  I bought a size small.  

close up

This was my first time purchasing directly from the Vince website, and I will say, it was terrible!  The check out screen was full of glitches.  It took me 5 tries to finally check out.  I tried to submit feedback to customer service, but that screen was glitch-y too and I don’t think they ever received my feedback.  Boo!  But I will say that the clothes came extremely well packaged.  The garment and tags were sealed with tissue paper, a bag, and neatly packaged in a big hefty box.  I’m reusing the box and tissue paper for Christmas gifts.

I still haven’t bit the bullet on getting a second pair of Clydes.  I have my eyes on the Clay colored one.  I’m still hesitating though… maybe a few more days of mulling over it is needed.  I have nothing more important to think about, lol.

5 thoughts on “outfits: sell some, buy some

  1. that top outfit looks sooo chic! love the ribbed top, too.

    are those the navy or the black Clydes? can you talk a bit about your experience with ES sizing for pants? my leg measurements say one size, but my waist says another… not sure how to average it out, and the long order time makes me want to get it right the first time… any thoughts you have are much appreciated!


    1. Thanks Kate!

      Re: ES sizing, I like my legs to be a little more fitted so I choose the size based on the leg… I have a wide waist in proportion to my legs. The waist band is very generous, I’d let yourself have two inches between your waist size and the size of the waistband when it’s stretched to the max. I believe ES lists these measurements on the site. What might be more important is the hip size. You need to make sure that matches because there is little stretch beyond the waistband.

      I’m a size 4 regular in ES for reference.


  2. Oh darn about Vince’s website, it sounds super glitchy to an extent I’ve never encountered before. But it’s good that the order otherwise worked out, and wow, that sounds like some very nice packaging. If this was their Black Friday sale, I also browsed it, but I’m not quite ready to shop for a super, super-nice sweater yet. (One retailer that did have big Black Friday-related website issues was J.Crew. Their website was almost completely unusable for most of that weekend, which I thought was pretty shocking for a large retailer.)


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