outfits this weekend + what car should I buy?

Muji fitted cotton top | JUST jeans (from Amsterdam) | Birkenstock Mayaris | Lo and Sons Pearl

I can’t believe 2018 is almost over!

Where did all the time go?!

outfit: same as above, except with Uniqlo linen shorts

To distract myself from thinking about that… Here’s a couple casual outfits I wore this weekend.  I’m wearing shorts in November people!  It’s so strange.  I grew up in this type of weather, but after nearly 10 years in NYC, I’ve forgotten how warm it actually stays in LA around the holidays.  I’m not complaining though.

BTW, I’m really enjoying this Lo and Son’s bag.  It seems to be the perfect size for every occasion, and can be dressed up or down very easily.  I love the little string that attaches to my keys.

This weekend, I had dinner with my family for my mom’s and brother’s birthdays, hung out with an old friend who was back in town, started doing some light Christmas shopping, and went to the car dealerships to test drive the Kia Rio Hatchback and the Honda Fit.

I like both cars (they are both simple, practical cars with good gas mileage), but I couldn’t find the trim level and color that I want.  Apparently the Honda factory was flooded in the tsunami over the summer, creating a shortage of Fits.  And surprisingly the Rio hatchback is sold out everywhere as well.  I’ve never seen the Kia Rio hatchback on the road before, ever, and yet they are selling like hotcakes! 

For the last few months, I’ve been borrowing the BF’s car to get to work.   But very soon I will need my own car.    Now I’m considering getting a used Buick Encore.  They’re really cute and feel luxurious without being overpriced.  But who wants to drive a Buick nowadays?!  (me? lol).

I considered the Prius for a while, but my brother who owns one himself, advised me against it because the steering feels loose and overall the car feels dinky and unsafe to drive.  A friend of mine also has one and she says the brakes are bad.  Anyway, if you know about cars, I’d appreciate any advice.

Switching gears a bit.  I received that black dress from Hackwith Design House that I mentioned a couple posts back, and while there was nothing wrong with it, I wasn’t in love with it on my frame.  It felt like one of those dresses that need to be worn with heels in order to look right, and I don’t wear heels anymore.  I sent it back immediately.  

9 thoughts on “outfits this weekend + what car should I buy?

  1. I have a Honda Fit that I love. I got it in 2017 and it was the 2014 model, I think, the one without a volume switch in the dashboard. Apparently people really hated having a digital only volume switch and they changed it back to a physical one in later models. I don’t mind that and I saved a bunch of money by buying it lightly used as it was a car they used as a loaner when folks had their cars worked on at the dealership. I’ve had no problems with it and it’s been great in snowy, icy conditions (not that you need that) and easy to park for this bad parallel parker. The only drawback is that the camera sensors in the side mirrors make those mirrors EXPENSIVE to replace should you need to…


    1. I really liked the Fit too, but felt all the safety features, like lane keep assist were excessive and just one more thing that can break. I’m also a bad parallel parker! I think either your born with it or not.


  2. Have you thought about going electric? LA Is one of the few places that has the weather and infrastructure to make it practical. 2 of my friends have Chevy Volts. Wish I could do it in the NE but the snow makes it tough.


  3. Well I for one LOVE my Prius and have loved it since 2008. I’m at 100,000+ miles now and it really has given me very very little trouble ever. I don’t ever feel unsafe and find the breaks and steering just fine. The tight turn radius is the envy of everyone who rides with me. But I don’t know about the new models, or what your driving preferences are, so my help is purely anecdotal.


  4. I had a Prius before and it saved me a lot of gas money lol. Although I never had any mechanical problems with it, I did find it hard to drive in the rain, impossible to drive in the snow. It is just not “fun” to drive. Plus it will be too small for me now with a toddler around.


    1. gas mileage is so important… I don’t think our relatively low gas prices will stick around forever. I think the Prius is a good car, but the way it feels and hugs the road could be better.


  5. I’ve had a Mazda3 since 2007 and I love it. Reliability has been great and it’s fun as hell to drive. I’m pushing 250k and it’s still kicking. I’d buy another in a heartbeat. Mazda used to offer a smaller hatchback, the Mazda2, but I don’t think they sell it in North America anymore.


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