outfit: Goldilocks

outfit: Muji flannel cotton top | Elizabeth Suzann Tilda linen pants | Dr Marten’s Z strap sandals | Lo and Sons Pearl bag

I found my Goldilocks bag!

After Xin, mentioned that AOC was carrying a Lo & Son’s OMG bag, I revisited their shop to see what they were offering these days, and found this perfectly sized “pearl” bag!

I’ve been growing increasingly frustrated with all the bags that I already own.  The Dagne Dover one is incredibly functional, however, it’s too large and heavy for my purposes now, ie. I don’t need to carry as much stuff with me because I drive to work now.  Many things I used to carry with me (sunglasses, coffee mugs, tissues, etc) can stay in the car. 

My crossbody baggu bag is simple and cute, but it’s too small to carry my huge wallet. As a holdover, I bought a canvas Baggu bag, which has been large enough to carry most things, but damn does it attract a ton of lint and dog fur.  I have to use a lint roller on it everyday practically!  

The L&S’s pearl bag caught my eye immediately.  It seemed to strike the right balance.  It’s small but holds a ton.  The strap length is perfect for short people.  I appreciate that at it’s shortest setting, it hit me right at the hip.  I used to carry the APC half moon bag, and over time became frustrated with how long the straps were.  A long strap makes me feel short and it makes the bag feel heavier and unwieldy.

The original colors offered for the L&S pearl bag were a little too boring for my taste (and that’s saying a lot because my wardrobe is pretty damn boring if you haven’t noticed).  The shape of the pearl is so simple that I felt it needed something extra, and I think they nailed it when they began offering this bag in subtly shimmering colors.  I chose the graphite/brass combination because I liked the subtlety of the brass over gold.  The shimmer in the graphite leather is very slight.  It doesn’t look tacky like most colors do when they are overly shimmer-y.

My APC half moon bag also taught me that nappa leather is much too delicate for long term use, and can have that cheap lumpy appearance when the bag is full of stuff.  That’s why I went for the Staffiano (textured) leather.  It is more sturdy and stays clean longer.

And here’s a close up of another cotton flannel top I bought at Muji recently.  I wore my other two flannel tops from Muji so frequently to work that I decided to buy a third one.  They are so easy to wear; feel so soft and keeps me warm in my frigid office.  I love the modern cut at the neckline and curvature along the sleeves.  

Anyway, I hope you are all enjoying time off.  I’m covering for other people this week at work and as a result things have been very busy.  I’m feeling a little burnt out but I’m very grateful for this day off.  We will be eating dinner with my large extended family today.  I’ll probably need to keep these elasticated pants on to accommodate the big ol’ belly I’ll have later tonight, lol.  And then it’s back to the work tomorrow.  I hope you all have a happy Thanksgiving!

p.s. The Pearl bag is 50% off for Black Friday if you are interested.  At this price, I think it’s a very good value, given all the craftsmanship required to sew in the pockets. 

5 thoughts on “outfit: Goldilocks

  1. I love your bag! I pretty much exclusively wear crossbody bags, and I’m always on the lookout for a one that is small in form factor but can fit a lot. The internal organization is impressive. I always appreciate lots of pockets. If I hadn’t just bought a bunch of bags recently, I would totally consider it. Maybe next year!


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