outfits: casual weekend


Appreciating that extra hour this weekend…


outfit:  Uniqlo fleece jacket | secondhand J. Crew Henley bodysuit | Jesse Kamm Ranger pants | Nike boys sandal

Here’s some snapshots of what I wore this weekend.  A couple months ago when I moved to LA, I bought this fleece jacket to have something warm and cozy for night time dog walks.   I love how the same earthy tan color runs throughout 100% of the garment, including the buttons.  Fleece is everywhere these days.  I especially like the look of all those colorful fleece coats coming out this season.  If I were in NYC, I might be tempted to get one, but in LA, I don’t have a need.

ootd 11318

outfit: Everlane oversized tee | secondhand Levi’s 501ct jeans | secondhand Vince Blair sneakers

This is what I wore on Saturday.  I snapped this photo right before heading out to the farmer’s market.

A few weeks back, I joined the bandwagon and snagged a pair of Blair sneakers that I found on Poshmark. I’ve been wanting them for a while but waited.  There’s no rush.  They are a classic recurring style that comes out season after season.  I think they look great on Grechen and on the many women I’ve seen all over LA and NYC wearing them too.  I tried them on in-store and do agree with the consensus that you should size 1/2 down from your regular size, ie. these are an 8.5, and I usually wear a 9.  My foot is also quite narrow, and they fit fine.  I’m glad I waited to find these secondhand because I think a lot of people make the mistake of buying their regular size online, wear them out, can’t return them, and realize they have to re-sell them.  As a result, there’s plenty to be found in great condition on Poshmark and eBay for over 50% off.

As you might know, I’m following the clothes from Vince very closely these days.  In the last two years, after they almost went out of business, and then hired Tomoko Ogura as the brand director, they’ve been putting out consistently relevant clothing, and have seen a lot of growth.  A lot of times brands say they represent some ideal, but you don’t actually see it translated into their clothes.  But I think Vince has done a great job at being consistent with their message, in creating California inspired, effortless style that can be worn to work but always feels casual at the same time.  The clothes are elegant but practical, and never seem trendy yet there’s usually some detail that makes each garment a little bit edgy in an understated way.  Anyway, I’m becoming a fan.  I do wish they’d address sustainability more though.  I think their target consumers are intelligent and cares about those things and they will have to address it eventually.  We’ll see…

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