outfit: same-same


outfit: ATM cashmere sweater | Muji wool blend skirt | secondhand SAS suntimer sandal

This is what I wore to work today….

Sometimes I’ll add something to my wardrobe that I really like, wear it almost every week for months, then suddenly taper off; ‘binge-wear’ so to speak. I think that’s going to be the case with this skirt.  I hope people at work aren’t paying attention.  But I also don’t really care if they are.   Oddly enough I think being under a lot of stress lately has given me no desire to to add anything new to my wardrobe.  Sometimes stress does the opposite.  I’m OK with wearing the same things for now.  I’m sure that will change.  I still enjoy outfit pics like anyone else, but feel more immune to marketing these days.   I’m so sick of sponsored content and ads.  I know it makes the world go round but it’s too much!  What if there was a sponsored content free month on social media?!  How would that feel? Can we join forces for that? …probably not in this world.  It was just a thought.

8 thoughts on “outfit: same-same

  1. Haha, funny, last summer I binged on a grey maxi Muji dress. As the weather is heating up here in Melbourne I pulled it out again, but just didn’t feel the love.
    I hear you on the sponsored posts.


  2. I feel you on the sponsored posts – it’s particularly bad when you hear about the same item over. and over. and over.

    I get that they are a necessary evil, but once a blog gets to the point where every second or third post is a sponsored one, I un-bookmark it. Your blog is so refreshing in a sea of advertisement.


    1. it’s remarkable how quickly blogs go from hardly any spon-con, to like every other post is sponsored or that the vast majority of their wardrobe is c/o. I think we all are yearning for authenticity.


  3. I’m down for a sponsored content free month (oh except for after this last sponsored post coming up that I wrote a couple weeks ago–I know so bad)! >.< I'm very much part of the cycle but I'm feeling you on this one and feel a bit sponsored-out. I think being part of Everlane's ReNew campaign made me feel kind of dirty?


  4. I’ve also been in a weird mood lately with regards to the social media I follow. (It’s not so much due to sponsored posts in my case, I don’t think, as I’m extremely aggressive about unfollowing people who I think do it in a way that makes me feel like I can’t trust that what they post is relatively true to who they are and what they actually like or wear.)

    I think I’m probably mostly just grouchy because of current events. The Kavanaugh confirmation raised some weird issues about my profession, and it’s throwing me off my game. (Plus, I can’t stop thinking about how the birthright citizenship thing would shake out legally in the worst case scenario. Now there’s a thing that could, in its most extreme formulation, affect pretty much every friend I have who was born in the US.)


    1. Certainly as current events keep wearing away at our souls, our tolerance for inauthencity wanes. Funny because the same thing was said in the 90’s. Teens then, the Gen Xers, were pretty jaded with the world and became increasingly harder to reach by advertisers. I think now in our oversaturated spon con social media landscape, people will want to be more protective of their exposure and aggressively unfollow.


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