outfit: honey buckle wedges


So apparently it’s nearly impossible to find a nice pair of low heeled sandals with a moderate amount of coverage… 

Now that I live in a warm climate, I need more than one pair of work appropriate sandals.  I need sandals that are both comfortable and modest.  After browsing the entire Nordstrom inventory of sandals filtered by heel height, I’ve come to realize that this shoe category is severely lacking in style.  I don’t see why though!  Shoes don’t have to be sky high to impart beauty.  I think designers have calculated that if they make the top of a shoe look cute, they must also make the heels super high.  It’s so frustrating!  It’d be nice if every high heeled sandal came with a low heeled and/or wedge version too.

I took a risk with ordering these sandals by Famolare.  This brand is new to me but a quick google search taught me that these were originally designed in 1969 and was quite the trend in the 70s.  They’re similar to the Kork Ease myrna sandals that I used to wear all the time.  It’s hard to see in the first picture, but the soles have an ergonomic wave pattern to them. I’m not a fan of this wave shape but it’s subtle enough to not be a deal breaker.  In contrast, the Famolare shoes with 3-4 inch heels have a more dramatic wave pattern to them that are way too funky for my taste.  I’d stay away from those.


I didn’t immediately fall in love with these shoes, but they grew on me.  The double buckle design is cute and the asymmetrical cut outs over the forefoot is a nice design touch too.  They remind me of some of APC’s older sandal designs.  In general, I love APC’s sandals, especially the orginales sandals, but don’t like how they all come with foot beds that are covered with beige suede.  They’re just asking to get horribly dirty and look like they’d be impossible to clean.   Anyway, these, like the Kork Ease sandals I used to own, serve as a more practical alternative to the APC sandals I love but wouldn’t buy.

[outfit: Mijeong Park ribbed dress from No. 6 Store, Famolare honeybuckle wedge sandals from Nordstroms]

ootd vince


in other news… I’m really loving Vince’s new fall/winter line.  I’ve noticed that they are consistently putting out interesting knits and pants that feel rich and look even better in person.  I tried on this sweater and fell in love, but didn’t buy because I don’t have a need for it right now.  I might wait until it’s on sale but even then, it never gets cold enough here to justify the purchase.  These wide leg oatmeal corduroys on the other hand! Too bad I’m on a bit of a pants buying ban right now.


5 thoughts on “outfit: honey buckle wedges

  1. I love Vince with a fiery passion. That brand just gets me. Though I usually buy it from Nordstrom, on sale, mostly because I prefer to buy all my expensive stuff from Nordstrom just in case there are quality issues that don’t manifest until after I’ve worn them for a while. I once had to return a cashmere Vince sweater that was falling apart in 6 months. (And I 100% avoid Vince cashmere now. The quality just isn’t there, relative to the price. For the amount they charge, you get much better quality with Scottish wool and cashmere brands like Johnstons of Elgin.) But there really isn’t anything better than Vince’s Yak or merino wool blend sweaters.


    1. omg thanks for that insider knowledge about Vince cashmere.. I did notice they are putting out A LOT of cashmere. Kind of too much cashmere. Who wears that much cashmere anyway? Generally I find their price point about $100 too high for the quality, but their sale prices are right on point. I don’t like that they end up at TJ maxx sometimes… I wonder if it’s straight to TJ maxx or if its the junk they can’t sell….


      1. I have never bought anything from Vince full price, although technically, it would be worth it given how much I wear all of the items I buy from them. From a cost per wear perspective, I’d be getting my moneys worth at full price.

        I’m not 100% certain, but I do think their stuff that winds up at TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack is in fact overstock from their main lines, and not an inferior made for outlet line. Since I don’t buy full price, I tend to stalk the items I’m interested in, and I’ve seen items on their website that show up at the end of the season at discount retailers. Also, the first Vince pieces I’ve ever bought (sweaters) all came from TJ Maxx, and they have held up 5+ years of being worn 3-4x/week all winter long.


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