outfit: flannel time

ootd 102018

Thank God for the weekend!!!

Sorry guys. Again I slipped into aloofness and stopped posting outfits regularly. But it’s finally the weekend and I have a re-newed energy to post. I unpacked my old camera today and decided to snap an OOTD photo with it. Here, I’m wearing a flannel blouse from Muji. I bought the cream colored one a couple weeks ago and loved it so much that I decided to get one in tan/red. They feel perfect for work; modest, comfortable, and most importantly, bralette-friendly! The fabric is particularly cozy. It’s made from double ply washed flannel, which is warm but not too warm; good for AC blasting office climate.

I’m going to keep this post short but do want to share a vintage Let’s Eat Grandma video here that I really enjoyed. The super talented duo are just barely adults now. They started making music together as childhood playmates. Many of their songs were written when they were just tweens (much like Kate Bush’s first album). So rare to see such raw fresh talent like these young women. Their style inspires me to channel my inner witch, lol, and let my hair grow out long and big. Hope ya’ll enjoy and have a great weekend!

[outfit: Muji flannel top, Lemaire twist pants, Birkenstocks Mayari]

5 thoughts on “outfit: flannel time

  1. Wow, yessssss, thank you! let’s eat grandma is so gooooood! I totally agree, let’s channel our inner witches : )

    Love your muji top and those slacks! Always glad to see you post.


  2. This outfit looks very YOU and very comfortable. I went and looked at all Muji clothes and got very tempted by many, but I’m trying to put myself on a ban of sorts.


  3. This looks so pretty and comfy! I always have trouble with Muji sizing! Do you mind saying which size you’re wearing here?


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