closet 2.0

closet 2018

Here’s my brand spankin’ new closet, after another round of Kon-Mari style purging.

Over the weekend, I made some progress in getting my life back together.  One way of doing this was fixing my closet situation.  Moving into our new apartment was done in a mad rush and I pretty much stuffed my side of the closet with a big mess; without organizing it in any logical way.  This led to frustrating mornings where I was forced to dig around for things I could wear to the office.

Then it occurred to me over the weekend that I should arrange my clothes so that all my work appropriate clothes are on one side of the closet, and all my non-work clothes on the other.  This organization made getting dressed this morning so much easier!  Historically I organized my clothes based on type of clothing, ie. grouping dresses, sweaters, shirts, t shirts, pants, etc together.  And this might make sense for some people, especially if you have a lot of clothes or if your work and non work clothes are not very different, but since my wardrobe is relatively small, I think this new method makes much more sense.

My side of the closet is shown on the right side.  The BF uses the left side (covered).  I arranged all my work clothes on the top rack with additional work sweaters, knits, skirts, or dresses folded on the hanging shelves.  I placed a wire basket on the floor of the closet for dirty laundry.  The bottom rack of hangers and the middle shelf hold my non-work clothes.  When our new dressers arrive, I’ll relocate a lot of my non-work clothes into drawers.  I’m usually in a rush to get dressed for work in the mornings because I like to sleep in, so it makes more sense to have my work clothes easily accessible on hangers rather than hidden away in drawers.  My work clothes also needs to be wrinkle free and that’s easier to achieve with hangers.

As for my most recent closet purge, I’ve decided to donate or sell several pieces I’ve hung onto for a long time, but could not ever see myself wearing ever again.  Some things just didn’t fit anymore. And other things, I no longer feel like myself wearing, ie. clothes I’m no longer comfortable in because it feels too young now (like my army trench coat dress and some white pants I never wore).  After one of these closet cleanouts / purges, I always feel a little better.  Lighter.  Free-er.  More me.  Each time, I think, ok I hope I’ll make better decisions so I won’t have to do this again, but this process will probably never end, as I’m, and we all are, always evolving, and our closets have to keep up with that.

I’m curious, how do you arrange your clothes?  And as time goes by, are there any clothes you couldn’t ever see yourself wearing ever again?

3 thoughts on “closet 2.0

  1. I am a big believer in *move first, purge later*. Not that I don’t donate/curb/gift many, many things before moving to a new city or home, but that the fine tuning happens after the move. I always feel as if the after-effects of the move produce a fertile moment to rethink my connection and orientation to my *stuff*.

    Your closet looks so nice … and I’ve been loving your recent outfit posts.


  2. I recently moved too and that was the impetus for cutting my shoe collection in half. It was much easier in the new place. I could probably never wear those paper thin ballet flats ever again.


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