outfit: 100% me

everlane square toe sling back

I’m posting two days in a row guys… I’m on a roll!

I’m starting to get back into the swing of things around here.  Thanks for sticking with me!  Here I am in the same outfit I bought yesterday.  I wore it to work today and it was definitely a winner.  Even the housekeeper in my office took note of it, lol.  I felt 100% me in it and very comfortable.  I’m wearing my new canvas bucket bag from Baggu here too.  I love how simple and practical it is. I wanted a grown up bag that was easy to carry (ie. lightweight), and not leather (mainly because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on a bag and I couldn’t find a nice leather bag at a price I was willing to pay at the moment).


And now for the bad.  I’m wearing those new Everlane square toe sling backs.  I really wanted to like them but realized I liked them more in theory than in real life.  They look modern and interesting in a grandma chic type of way.  That square toe and round heel is a nice detail for sure.  But there was a tiny rigid plastic thread sewn into the elastic at the heel area that scratched my skin every time I took a step.  What kind of quality control is there at Everlane?!  I think Everlane’s shoe department has aesthetics down but they could really take it up a notch if they just paid better attention to the quality and comfort of their shoes.

At least the return was easy.  I dropped them off at my local Happy Returns location, just a few blocks away.  There was no need to print out a label or re-pack the item.  All I needed was my email address to get my money back instantly.  The ease of returns could be a very dangerous thing!

[outfit: Muji top and wool skirt, Baggu canvas bucket bag, Everlane square toe slingbacks]

7 thoughts on “outfit: 100% me

  1. Lovely to see you back to posting! Love the Muji outfit: Muji is a pretty nice place to get affordable basics in organic fabrics. I’m trying out their undies at the moment..

    Interesting, I’ve been appreciating Baggu too: received their Duck tote for my birthday a few months ago and it’s actually handier than expected – good size and depth and pockets/clasps in all the right places.


  2. Yep the square-toe shoes didn’t work for me either. Also I think the Santa Maria a Monte factory has the quality issues (I’ve had the same issue with them about the nylon thread on one of their shoes). But I think the one that makes the Day Heels is fine.


  3. I love the skirt, and it looks so comfortable. Too bad about the Everlane shoes, they really do have a cool look, but ugh that rigid thread that scratches at the back of the ankle would be a dealbreaker. (I have quality/comfort issues with the one pair of Everlane shoes I’ve tried, which i ended up keeping and slightly regret…)


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