outfit: hypothetical pants


Look at these pants…

At $650, these Rachel Comey pants might be the most expensive pants I’ve ever worn.  But don’t worry, I didn’t buy them!

This week has been pretty rough for us.  After such a long journey to get here, we had hoped to move into our new apartment already and finally take our things out of storage, but there’s been delay after delay.

My new job starts next week and with most of my professional clothes still in storage, I was worried I wouldn’t have anything to wear. So I bought some back-up professional clothes from Nordstrom’s just in case our things had to remain in storage for a long time.  But today we were told our new apartment will most likely be ready to move into early next week.  So I decided to head back to Nordstrom’s to return some of the work clothes I won’t need anymore.

On the way out of the store, I ran into these pants, and was instantly intrigued.  The print’s so dreamy and the fabric’s substantial.  I like the elasticated waist band detail at the back and the structured drop crotch.  It’s a drop crotch without looking like a drop crotch (they don’t have that up side down U shape that’s typical of drop crotches). And I like the way the zipper goes all the way down into the inseam.  It felt very comfortable, almost like wearing sweat pants.  One could probably engorge on a big meal in these and not feel any squeeze whatsoever.

I tried on a size 6 (my usual size), but they were much too big.  A size 4 would’ve fit perfectly.  The fit on the model (below) is much more accurate to how they should fit.

These are beautiful pants, and it was fun trying them on, but I don’t think I could ever spend so much on pants I’d probably only wear once or twice a year.  Plus, I don’t think I’d ever have an occasion to wear such fancy pants.  These would be perfect for someone who likes to wear pants to weddings though.  And they’d be worth the price point if you re-wore them to a handful of events.


Online, I found solid olive and khaki colored versions that are going for a fraction of the cost!  I could actually see myself wearing them casually and really considered buying them, but I probably don’t have enough of a need in the pants department right now, so I will have to pass.  I can still enjoy them without owning them.  If I saw someone in them, I’d probably get excited and giddy about it, but I don’t think I’d feel like I had to have them for myself.


If I did own these though, I’d wear them rolled up like the model, but would ditch that puffy shirt and take it down a notch with a simple white t-shirt, loosely tucked in.

Anyway, enough with hypotheticals.  I have some things I actually purchased coming in the mail to share with ya’ll soon, ie. a new wallet with 10 card slots and those new square toe slingbacks from Everlane, among other things.  So stay tuned!

This weekend, I’m looking forward to the good weather and our plans for an outdoor movie and an outdoor concert.  Just as a heads up, in the next week or two, things might get really busy, so posts will probably be less frequent.  I do expect things to return to normal though.

Would love to hear your thoughts on these pants and on the topic of fancy pants in general.

Hope ya’ll have a great weekend!

[outfit: Uniqlo U tee, Rachel Comey Barrie pants, Eileen Fisher Katniss mules]



2 thoughts on “outfit: hypothetical pants

  1. Well I love Rachel Comey pants. Everyone should have at least one pair of special pants! These are gorgeous and so cool! I prefer the plain pair personally, but that’s because I’m very particular about what floral patterns and colors I like. The plainer ones would definitely be easier to style on a daily basis.


    1. True.. I’ve already allowed myself a couple splurges on special pants, so must try not to get too carried away. And you do have a good eye for florals I’ve noticed!


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